An Excess of INXS - Discography

INXS Covers & Duets

Covers by INXS

[at a 1979 sydney concert, the following covers were performed by "the farriss brothers": "slip my disco" by the tubes, "love is the drug" by bryan ferry, and "watching the detectives" by elvis costello]

Covers of INXS

[other covers include never tear us apart by tara dunlop, and elegantly wasted and what you need by the excelerators]

Duets with INXS:

  • Jenny Morris – Jackson
  • Jimmy Barnes – Good Times
  • Chrissie Hyndes – Full Moon, Dirty Hearts
  • Ray Charles – Please (You Got That...)
  • Paul Personne – Revolution
  • Zazie – Get It On (Bang A Gong)
  • Tall Paul vs INXS – Precious Heart

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