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Is INXS a band that turned its back on Australia for international stardom? Australian critics have long alleged this, but one look at this page should silence any such criticism. INXS has collaborated extensively with other artists in Australia, and have made major contributions within the music scene both domestically and internationally. This page attempts to present a definitive listing of INXS' numerous side project work. Though this discography of side projects is woefully incomplete, the breadth and wide-ranging scope of INXS' work outside of INXS is clearly evident. From helping to establish stars like Jenny Morris to exploring alternative sounds as in the Michael Hutchence-fronted Max Q project, INXS prove they have never remained complacent in their success; it is one of the main reasons the band's own music remains unsurpassed to this day!


Artists that INXS have worked with extensively over the years:


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