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  INXS   Underneath the colours   Shabooh Shoobah   The Swing   Listen like thieves  
  Kick   X   Live Baby Live   Welcome to wherever you are   Full moon, dirty hearts  
  Greatest hits   Elegantly wasted        

Non-album singles


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Simple Simon | Just Keep Walking | The Loved One
Stay Young | Night of Rebellion | Underneath The Colours
The One Thing | Don't Change | To Look At You
Dance EP | Original Sin | I Send A Message
Burn For You | Dancing on the Jetty | This Time
What You Need | Kiss the Dirt (Falling Down the Mountain)
Listen Like Thieves | Good Times | Need You Tonight
Devil Inside | New Sensation | Never Tear Us Apart | Guns in the Sky
Mystify | Suicide Blonde | Disappear | Bitter Tears | By My Side
The Stairs | Shining Star | Heaven Sent | Not Enough Time
Taste It | Baby Don't Cry | Beautiful Girl | The Gift
Please (You Got That...) | Time | Freedom Deep
The Strangest Party (These Are The Times)
Elegantly Wasted | Everything | Don't Lose Your Head

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