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April 2003

"All good things must come to an end..."

In 1992, when I first started actively using email, I was surprised to find that there wasn't any information about INXS out on the internet. Back then, fans of most bands would congregate in text-only bulletin boards or Usenet discussion forums, sharing lyrics and tour dates with each other. Realizing the potential to spread INXSdom to a previously untapped market, I started the first INXS email list with all of eight subscribers. The following year, "An Excess of INXS" was launced as an off-shoot of the email list. Over the past ten years, the email list and website exploded in popularity, and quickly became the definitive centers for INXS fans worldwide. With such resources as the most comprehensive INXS discography in existence, exclusive INXS interviews, previously unavailable lyrics, guitar tabs and chords, media archives, multimedia, biographies, message board, chat rooms, and much much more, "An Excess of INXS" helped maintain and foster the band's popularity among the faithful even as their worldwide popularity began to wane. In the post-Hutchence years, the site soldiered on, and in 2000 merged with "Welcome to Wherever You Are," a Swiss INXS site run by Mario Ferrari.

Though we've attempted to keep the site updated, it's become evident that we simply no longer have the time or energy necessary to maintain such a high quality website. Therefore after much consideration and deliberation, we've decided the time has come to close the site. As a lasting legacy, "An Excess of INXS" will continue to have a permanent home at, but there will no longer be further updates.

There is no way we can properly thank all of you, our faithful supporters, for the years and years you've visited the site. Without you, we probably would've stopped years ago. INXS fans are the best fans in the world, and we feel proud to have performed our small part in helping to keep the flame alive and burning into this new century.

Neil Kothari and Mario Ferrari

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