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February 1995

February 24, 1995 (from Cyber-Sleaze)

UPDATE: INXS frontman MICHAEL HUTCHENCE has finally broken his silence over allegations he had an affair with BOB GELDOF's wife PAULA YATES. Hutchence, who has been blamed for British TV presenter Yates's split from Geldof, fumes, "I've been made to look a fool, like the biggest shit in the world." And he denies reports that Yates, who hosts THE BIG BREAKFAST, shared his bed in a London, England hotel earlier this month. "Paula had been in my hotel room but so had Bob. I'm close friends of them both. "I've talked to Paula and Bob since the story came out. I just hope they get back together again."

February 23, 1995 (from

#1 :
On the Mike/Paula/Helena thing..........
In Tuesday's Sun, the Bizarre (showbiz) column was devoted to the Brits aftershow party and there was an article on Mike and Helena, who were apparently all over each other, as if they were trying to prove to the world that they are still together. A close friend was quoted as saying that Mike had something going with Paula briefly, but it was not that serious. Which leads me on to..........

#2 :
Here in the UK there used to be a music show called the Tube presented by ..............Paula Yates!! Anyway, they are re-running a Best of the Tube just now, and INXS are appearing next week. (sometime between 1982 and 1987). Check local listings!

#3 :
New INXS music book
Here are the details :
INXS the greatest hits
Published by WISE publications
Order no. AM92776 2

It has 22 songs on it, from Just Keep Walking through to Deliver Me.

February 16, 1995 (from Cyber-Sleaze)

UPDATE: Supermodel HELENA CHRISTENSEN has ended her engagement to rocker MICHAEL HUTCHENCE and told him, "Don't Come Back." Stunning Christensen, 25, lashed out after reading that the INXS frontman spent three steamy nights in a hotel with BIG BREAKFAST presenter PAULA YATES. The $7,500 a-day cover girl smooched with new boyfriend BACKBEAT actor STEPHEN DORFF, 29, and said, "Michael and I haven't been getting on for quite a while now. We most definitely aren't seeing each other at the moment. I haven't talked to him." She added,"I've heard from mutual friends that Michael is seeing Paula Yates. All I know is that we are no longer together and I am not bothered by that. "He can act how he wants. Stephen and I are together and I am very happy with that arrangement."

February 15, 1995 (from Archie Medrano's Music Television Guide)

INXS will appear on ABC Television's "In Concert" series this Friday night, (actually early Saturday morning, 2/18!). The show airs from 1:10am - 1:40am EST.

February 14, 1995

INXS'S FISH STORY (from Addicted to Noise)

Could this really be true, or is Melody Maker pulling our, ah, leg. They reported that INXS's Kirk Pengilly had reportedly suffered a genital injury in a bizarre fishing accident. Piranhas, you might ask? No one knows for sure, but the few details that we were able to glean revealed that Pengilly's hand slipped while he was working with a sharp knife while fishing down under. INXS's management were curiously circumspect when questioned about his condition, allowing that he has been ill but is getting better. It's amazing what a good plastic surgeon can do, given the right circumstance, and a great deal of cash.

February 14, 1995 (from Cyber-Sleaze)

MICHAEL HUTCHENCE has angrily denied having an affair with British television presenter PAULA YATES. The INXS frontman says he had been "used" as an excuse for Yates' trial separation from BOB GELDOF. Friends of Hutchence, who is dating Danish supermodel HELENA CHRISTENSEN say, "Michael is livid that he's been dragged into this. He is a friend of Paula's and has been spending time with her but he has also been spending time with a whole load of other women including NAOMI CAMPBELL.

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