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March 1995

March 24, 1995 (from AP, Reuters)

INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence and supermodel Helena Christensen have separated amicably, according to both of these news services. A publicist stressed that the two are still in love, and on speaking terms... Check out the two articles for more information.

March 16, 1995 (from Cyber-Sleaze)

INXS singer MICHAEL HUTCHENCE and supermodel HELENA CHRISTENSEN have fled to U2 singer BONO's Irish mansion to repair their troubled relationship. They went to the $3 million house - dubbed The Love Hut - weeks after LIVE AID hero BOB GELDOF and wife PAULA YATES went there. Pals are staggered Christensen chose the same spot as Paula, who is said to have slept with Hutchence. Other visitors to the house in Killiney, Dublin, have included U2 bass player ADAM CLAYTON, who stayed there while trying to patch up his split with NAOMI CAMPBELL.

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