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April 1995

April 9, 1995 (from

A member of The Attractions was on WNEW-FM in NY being interviewed or as part of a radio show, and said that he had just finished a stint working with Michael Hutchence on his new solo album (!).

April 7, 1995 (from Cyber-Sleaze)

UPDATE: British TV presenter PAULA YATES has openly declared her love for INXS frontman MICHAEL HUTCHENCE. After weeks of denials, the 36 year-old estranged wife of LIVE AID founder BOB GELDOF finally admitted yesterday, "Michael and I are very much in love. We are really happy together. "This is a serious thing between us." And Hutchence, 35, said, "We're glad the whole thing is out in the open. Hopefully we can now get on with our lives." The confessions came in the early hours at a London, England, nightclub party to mark the start of JANET JACKSON's British tour.

More from April 1995:

(from Christie Eliezer's "What's Rocking Christie?")

lNXS singer Michael Hutchence's shenanigans with Paula Yates (TV personality and Mrs. Bob Geldof) has brought an outburst from one of Michael's old girlfriends, Sydney actress Virginia Hey. She says that Yates has been obsessed with him for nine years and accused her of breaking up their relationship. She and the singer were holidaying at New York's St. Regis Hotel in 1986 when Yates arrived to do a story on him for a British magazine.

It was clear, says Hey, that Yates was actively chasing Michael. The interview was set for 9 am, yet Hutchence hadn't returned by 3 pm. When she rang Yates' room, she heard the "rustling of sheets and soft sleepy mumblings". She barked, "put Michael on". He sounded nervous and distracted and made excuses.

She told him to return to their room.

"He was flushed and dishevelled, covered in lipstick and his buttons done up the wrong way. His cowboy boots were outside their pants. The whole image was of someone who had just made love or was about to, or someone who had just been wrestling with a giant gorilla with lipstick on!" Although Hutchence protested his innocence, Hey threw a few things at the wall, packed her bags and walked out.

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