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June 1995

June 27, 1995

INXS today have released a new video compilation in America entitled "INXS - The Great Video Experience." It covers their entire history, but essentially picks up where Greatest Video Hits left off - namely, Suicide Blonde. It contains videos up to their latest hit, "The Strangest Party." The video was released in Europe, Australia, and Japan last year as a companion to the CD release of "The Greatest Hits."

June 10, 1995

Chris Murphy, long time INXS Manager, has resigned from his position. Though rumors abound about why he decided to do this, no one has yet opened up with the real truth behind the split. Anyone?

June 5, 1995

You can catch a snippet of Michael Hutchence's rendition of "The Passenger" from the forthcoming Batman Forever soundtrack at

Also - the Sydney Telegraph Mirror reports that Kirk Pengilly and Deni Hines have split due to the problem of maintaining a long-distance marriage.

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