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August 1995

August 29, 1995 (from Cyber-Sleaze):

MICHAEL HUTCHENCE is planning a solo career away from his INXS band friends. The 35-year-old who hit the headlines in Britain over his dubious relationship with television personality PAULA YATES has been working on a hush-hush record project. A solo album is to be released early next year and could well have a Cuban connection. Hutchence, pilloried by many for stealing LIVE AID hero BOB GELDOF's wife has been recording in London with a host of musicians and en vogue producers. But fellow members of his Sydney based band INXS will apparently not be featuring on the album. Says Hutchence, "I have been trying out various things with a view to a new record. I have been spending a lot of time in Cuba. I have a great deal of respect for Cuban culture. I have learned a lot from it."

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