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September 1995

September 26, 1995 (from Cyber-Sleaze):

MICHAEL HUTCHENCE has presented his married girlfriend with a $15,000 sparkling diamond ring. TV presenter PAULA YATES was spotted last night at a trendy London nightclub sporting the gem on her engagement finger - but friends stress the pair have no plans to wed. Seven months ago Yates dumped her husband, BOB GELDOF, for Hutchence. The pair have just moved into a $750,000 love-nest together. Last night at London's trendy WEST END ATLANTIC BAR Yates couldn't take her eyes off her new sparkler - and told friends she couldn't be happier. One said, "It's a lovely ring and a very romantic gesture. She can't stop showing it off. They're very happy together."

September 19, 1995 (from Mr. Showbiz):

Three Heads, No Talk

Three-fourths of the Talking Heads have reunited. David Byrne isn't involved, but bass player Tina Weymouth, drummer Chris Franz and keyboard player Jerry Harrison are billing themselves as the Heads. They're putting together an album using guest vocalists, including Michael Hutchence of INXS and Johnette Napolitano. One song, "No Talking Just Head," can be heard in the "Virtuosity" soundtrack with Deborah Harry doing the vocals.

September 12, 1995 (from Reuters):

Michael Hutchence was convicted of assaulting a journalist who was bothering him over the whole Christiansen/Yates affair. He was fined in excess of $3500. See Michael's Assault Charge for more details.

September 10, 1995 (from Stuart Coupe's Music Industry News & Gossip):

The Hard Rock Cafe in Sydney has been sold at a loss. Well known investors in the venture include Tom Cruise, manager Glenn Wheatley and INXS's Kirk Pengilly. They and other investors will get back just 70 cents for each dollar they had in the business. Reports say that ever since opening in 1989, the Crown Street business has struggled. It was obliged to pay hefty royalties to Hard Rock Cafe originator Peter Morton. Annual sales revenue was $9 million, of which $3 million was in promotional merchandise. The Hard Rock reported $800,000 annual trading losses. India's Oberoi hotel family were the buyers.

September 9, 1995

Michael Hutchence's ex-girlfriend Helena Christiansen graces the cover of this month's Euro GQ. The caption reads: "Would you trade this in for Paula Yates?" ("you" in italics, by the way.) The article discusses the relationship's breakup among other things...

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