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November 1995

November 23, 1995:

Michael Hutchence appeared at the MTV Europe Music Awards this evening. He presented the award for Best Breakthrough, and also appeared on the pre-show with Ray Cokes. During his chat with Mr. Cokes, Michael announced his solo album will come out in early 96, with INXS to follow later in the year.

November 21, 1995:

The Goo Goo Dolls have covered the classic INXS song "Don't Change." The new interpretation, which is quite good by the way, is on the original motion picture soundtrack for "Ace Venture: When Nature Calls."

November 18, 1995 (from MTV):

Michael Hutchence will be appearing as a presenter at the 2nd Annual MTV Europe Awards to be held in Paris next week. The event will be broadcast worldwide, with the US MTV showing on Thanksgiving evening.

November 14, 1995 (from Cyber-Sleaze):

The new lover of INXS' MICHAEL HUTCHENCE has revealed she would love to have a baby with her new man. TV presenter PAULA YATES has three children by her estranged husband - BOOMTOWN RATS frontman BOB GELDOF - but she has told British magazine HELLO she would like another. When the glossy publication asked if she wants a baby with Hutchence, the former boyfriend of HELENA CHRISTENSEN, Yates confesses, "I have always wanted to have a baby for the man I love." But she adds she wouldn't fall pregnant just to keep Hutchence at her side. She says, "It certainly isn't to cement a relationship, because I don't think kids do that. "It's out of a healthy desire to have someone very small living with us that laughs a lot and has fat cheeks and can't get away when you try and kiss it."

November 1, 1995:

Michael Hutchence adorns the cover of this month's VOX Magazine. In a very long, in-depth article, Hutchence discusses his trials and tribulations with the British media as well as talks about his upcoming solo record.

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