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December 1995

December 19, 1995 (from

IN2XS is the new official INXS Fan Club that is currently coming together. They received a fax from none other than Garry Gary Beers today... and here are some exclusive excerpts of what he said:

"...I've been very busy this year, enjoying my new studio, as well as my time at home with my family.

"For your info, I've been flat out in my now finished studio. I've completed one album that I co-wrote, played and produced with Jack Jones from an Aussie band named Southern Sons (he sings and plays guitar). This project also features Dave Leslie (on guitar) from Baby Animals and John Mackay who played with me in Absent Friends. The project is called 'Mudhead' and the record is called 'Bite The Wax Tadpole'. Hopefully I'll get it released in the US sometime next year. Maybe I can give you a snippet for the 'net'.

"I've also played bass on yet another record by my mate Richard Clapton, recorded in my studio. Also, I'm halfway through a 'playing & production' of a young songwriter named Nicola Quilter, as well as halfway through a production of a young Sydney band - a 3 piece, who are VERY, VERY good and who need a name! Maybe our fan club members can help?"

(.....want to rise to the challenge? Send your suggestions to All ideas will be compiled and forwarded to Garry...)

"Please pass on my Christmas wishes to all our fans out there!... Sincerely, Garry xx"

A very nice little INXmaS gift for all of us, no??

December 12, 1995 (from

There's a commercial currently running on UK TV for Budweiser with the background music being Michael's rendition of Iggy Pop's "The Passenger" from the "Batman Forever" soundtrack. (Hey - I don't like Budweiser, but you've got to support them now!)

December 9, 1995:

Jenny Morris, the successful Australian singer (and former INXS back-up singer) has headed back into the studio to record two tracks with our very own Tim Farriss and Jeremy Allom (Massive Attack). The songs are a smooth uptempo ballad, "This Christmas," and a funky version of the Pretender's classic "2000 Miles." The two songs are being included as a limited edition single with her latest CD, "Salvation Jane."

December 1, 1995:

Better late than never - but I've just found out that in the November '95 issue of British Elle, Michael interviews Germaine Greer, the famous Australian feminist, now residing in UK. He asks her such questions like..."What do you think have been the major influences of the past 10 years?" and "You've probably seen the phrase, 'A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle'. Do you need a man?". Insightful and intelligent, too.

December 1, 1995 (from the Daily Mirror):

The latest event in the saga that is Michael Hutchence's life. Following the MTV Europe Awards last week, Michael got into a fight with Liam Gallagher of Oasis. The issue was over alleged comments that Liam made about Michael's current girlfriend, Paula Yates. At one point, Liam punched Michael in the nose, and he almost also threw a fire extinguisher at poor Michael... Will this silliness never end? I guess not.

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