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January 1996

January 20, 1996:

This news is a little late, but it appears that Michael makes a guest appearance in the video for "Kelly's Heroes" by the UK band Black Grape. Too bad those in the States will probably never get to see it :(

January 8, 1996:

Well, it appears Paula will have not one, but three, additions to her family. It has been reported on E! (the TV station) that Paula is expecting triplets. No news on how Michael is reacting to this... :)

January 6, 1996 (from Mary Woods):

According to the UK and Adelaide, Aus. newspapers, it's official, Michael and Paula Yates will become parents in August and both are "delighted". They do not plan to marry. Also reported is that Michael's solo album will be released in August (hey, they've been wrong before) with a new INXS album next year (hopefully NOT that far in the future!).

January 2, 1996 (from Mary Woods):

1) UK tv's VH1,2,3 is having an "INXS Happy Hour" with Jules Carling on Jan. 22 (coincidently Michael's birthday). All you UK fans, give us less fortunate stateside and worldwide fans a recap and review of the show!

2) "Australian Country Style", a superb glossy home and garden magazine (Dec. '95) just featured Garry and Jodie's awesome Santa Fe inspired adobe spread in Somersby near the New South Wales coast. He was kidnapped by friends after a gig in Albuquerque and woke up the next morning in Santa Fe, New Mexico, saying "My God, this place is amazing!". That was 7 years ago. They began collecting Native American artifacts and now concentrate on Aboriginal art and Australian made furniture. These two cultures are some of the oldest on earth and have alot of similarities. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on this magazine, you'll be rewarded with some exquisite photos of the various rooms, art and furniture, outdoor architecture and vistas and a cool photo of his family (including 3 year old Lucy-Mae).

3) Rhett Hutchence (you know who's brother) just had a baby girl (sorry that's all I really know), except that Michael and Paula (sans children) were (or "are") in Australia and helped welcome the baby into the family with some sort of hippie style celebration.

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