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February 1996

February 20, 1996 (from Cyber-Sleaze):

At the BRIT AWARDS, British rock wildmen OASIS certainly lived up to their controversial tag with a show of naughtiness. Frontman LIAM GALLAGHER kicked off their evening of controversy at London, England's EARL'S COURT by challenging INXS star MICHAEL HUTCHENCE to a fight. The Australian presented Oasis with their first of three awards for Best Video for WONDERWALL. Then, guitarist NOEL GALLAGHER further infuriated Hutchence by calling him a "f***ing has been."

February 14, 1996 (from Mary Woods):

The latest on the Michael happenings in London:

In a surprise apppearance last Friday night (Feb 10) Michael sang backup at a gig at the Brixton Academy on the cut "Reverend Black Grape" for one of his current favorite bands, Black Grape. Jonny Mars played guitar.

Michael and fellow Australian, Nick Cave, are now co-owners of the Portabello Cafe on Portobello Road, one of the most famous and trendier spots in London. It apparently is one of his favorite eateries so it seems fitting he'd become a restauranteur. A little Michael spotting may be in order for all you serious cafe connoisseurs hanging out in London. We want a full report!

Michael was seen dancing in the aisles at a recent Bjork concert there and attended a benefit party of sorts that Bono held forth. My spy says Michael-spotting continues to be a favorite pasttime there, and the papparazzi are holding forth, still photographing him and Paula. This time them leaving a clinic clutching her ultrasound reports.

Happy fourth wedding anniversary to Jon and Leslie, this being Valentines Day (even though it's the next day in Oz already!)

February 1, 1996:

Ok, some vanity never killed anyone. A friend of mine was searching through Netscape's Internet Directory and came across a review of none other than "An Excess of INXS"!!!! Here's what it says:

Review: One of the better-done rock tribute pages we've seen. Fans of Michael Hutchence and crew will be sure to bookmark this site -- it's well organized and has discographies, interviews and guitar chords, as well as lots o'links to mailing lists, newsgroups, and other INXS sites.

February 1, 1996 (from the NME):

INXS singer Michael Hutchence has claimed that his new material is "better than anything that Noel Gallagher could touch".

Hutchence, recently seen at the Brat awards night, plans to release a new INXS album and has also started work on a solo album with Black Grape collaborator Danny Saber and Andy Gill from Gang Of Four.

The singer said: "The solo record is shaping up real well. I gotta figure out when to put it out because I'm also doing an INXS record for next March. All I did last year was write songs. I got cabin fever. The new stuff is pure geinus, better than anything that Noel Gallagher could touch".

February 1, 1996 (from

A DJ at CFOX in Vancouver tells me that INXS will soon be arriving there to work with Bruce Fairbairn at his recently aquired 'Armoury' studio. They have booked time to work with him on their next album, as soon as he's finished with the Cranberries.

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