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March 1996

March 21, 1996 (from Dana Gross):

According to a Mercury records meeting held this past Wednesday, the producer of the new INXS album is indeed Bruce Fairbairn, who recently worked with the Cranberries. The songs are written and the band goes into the studio in Vancouver on April 15th. There is also the possibility that there will be two "funkier" tracks produced by Dallas Austin. Mercury will be pushing for a September release.

March 12, 1996 (from FRASER):

In Mondays Daily Mirror - page 1 !

"I'll bail out my Paula"

Rock star Michael Hutchence has vowed to bail out broke lover Paula Yates, and save her from losing her home.
Mum of three Paula - pregnant and facing debts of strl100,000 - is so behind in her mortgage payments her house could be repossessed in three weeks. But INXS singer Michael pledged "If Paula and the kids are likely to lose their home I'll stop that happening. I have enough to help, an that's what I'll do."
Michael, 36, also lashed at Paula's enemies portraying her as a "Rose West figure" and himself as an "Evil Stepfather."

The story then continued on pages 2 & 3! some interesting stuff that he said:

"We're expecting a girl" ... "The scans showed it"...."I'm very excited about this." "I'm really looking forward to becoming a father. I know some people don't think I will stick around very long because rock stars don't do that sort of thing. But Paula and I are truly very happy together." "We love each other and I feel very protective towards her at the moment"

March 12, 1996 (from Steph Robinson):

A report in the Daily Telegraph (Sydney) reports today:

Michael is to have been reported to have said that he is looking forward to being a father. He is said to be truly in love with Yates and very protective of her. She has been quoted as being in financial difficulties.

March 1, 1996 (from FRASER):

There was a report in a Scottish newspaper, which has quite a reliable music page, that Andrew will be producing for the band GUN, a Scottish band whose last album was pretty successful in the UK.

The lead singer said something like "We love INXS's music, it the kind of vibe we are looking for"

March 1, 1996 (from

Here is a small article found in a local gig guide for South Australia...
(DB Magazine #112, 28 Feb - 5 Mar 1996, pg 19)


INXS have taken on new management and signed a world-wide recording contract with Mercury Records. The band are currently talking to a number of producers with a view to begin recording a new album before Easter and have appointed Paul Craig of Sound Management Associates in London to become their world-wide manager. Craig has worked with INXS since the 1988 Kick album campaign as their European Management representative.

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