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April 1996

April 29, 1996:

INXS made an appearance from the recording studio last night on Ray Coke's new MTV Europe show "X-Ray Vision." They even played some new music, which was considered amazing by the INXS-List member who caught the program.

April 25, 1996: (from Mary Woods)

Mary Woods, the Fan Club Prez, just got off the phone with Paul Craid, INXS' Manager. Here's some of what he said:

The band is extrememly excited about the new album, like nothing he's seen before. It's going to be very 90's, no retro 80's sound for them. They're rehearsing in London right now and heading to Vancouver this weekend to begin recording with Bruce Fairbairn. He's keeping his fingers crossed for that release date of Sept/Oct.

INXS is going to release a cd-rom. The work begins on it next week in London. No more info on it at this time. Any suggestions folks?

While Bruce is producing, they haven't decided who should mix the album. Paul has asked for suggestions from all of you (I suggested Brian Eno. He said people have this idea Eno is a mixer, but he's not, so no Eno requests, please). He is serious about hearing what you all think, so e-mail me personally at or you can post to the list at so everyone else can see your ideas and I'll compile a list for him.

April 16, 1996:

Even as INXS heads back into the studio to record their follow-up to "Greatest Hits," there is a new Michael Hutchence single!!!! Michael does vocal duties on the track "Spill The Wine" on the soundtrack to the new Pamela Anderson movie "Barbwire." "Spill The Wine" was originally performed by Eric Burton. Get out there and buy up the soundtrack people! There is a rumor floating around that the song will be released as a single, but only time will tell...

April 15, 1996:

The UK Budweiser TV ad featuring Michael Hutchence's "The Passenger" has begun appearing on prime time over there, and yet again, rumor has it the single might (MIGHT is the key word folks) be released as a single. I'll keep ya updated...

April 10, 1996:

Rolling Stone magazine has had 2 INXS related mentions in its past two issues. On last week's issue with Bush on the cover, a comment was made that early works from Gavin and co. resembled "commercially successful INXS." In this week's issue with Oasis on the cover, there is a bit on the on-going feud with Michael Hutchence, and has a picture of Michael presenting them with a Brit award...

April 7, 1996:

The Brit awards were shown on ABC television here in the states. Michael was on it presenting an award to Oasis...

April 6, 1996:

INXS are set to enter the Vancouver studio of producer Bruce Fairbairn in 6-8 weeks to record their follow-up LP to the 1994 Greatest Hits release. From what I hear, band members are beginning to converge once again in such places as London to work on the new material before recording... Stay tuned folks!

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