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May 1996

May 16, 1996:

We have received an exclusive email from all 6 members of the band today!! Click here to read it yourself!!

In other news, the band Everclear has a cover of "Don't Change" on one of their current UK singles.

May 10, 1996:

Word from London is that Paula Yates is getting a quickie divorce with Bob Geldof today, and that she will be marrying Michael Hutchence this upcoming summer, after the birth of their love-child...

May 6, 1996 (from Mary Woods):

Michael and Paula have agreed to call their child - wait for it....... HEAVENLY HERANI HUTCHENCE!!!! Herani is apparently Michael's favourite Polynesian word and the girl's name translates to mean princess of the beautiful sky.....(ahhhh, really cute, huh?)

May 6, 1996 (from

This came off the Bloomberg Wire on Friday:

INXS star Michael Hutchence is desperate to have loads of kids with girlfriend Paula Yates. Yates already has three children from her marriage to Live Aid hero Bob Geldof, and is expecting her first by Hutchence this summer.

The Australian singer says, "I am scared of being old, lonely, unloved and uncared for which is why I want lots of children and grandchildren to look after me. To be utterly alone and have no one care about you must be terrifying. That's what happens to old people, they get abandoned."

May 5, 1996:

Word has filtered down to me that INXS will finish up recording in the studio in 3-4 weeks! They have already reportedly completed 4 songs for the new album.

May 1, 1996:

The classic single "New Sensation" will appear in the new Eddie Murphy movie, "The Nutty Professor." The single will not, though, appear on the soundtrack.

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