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June 1996

June 24, 1996:

Even Time Magazine is getting in on the Michael, Paula, and Bob circus. Check out their blurb here.

June 22, 1996:

Happy Birthday to Garry Gary Beers!

June 20, 1996:

Billboard Magazine reports that a new disc entitled "One Voice: The Songs of Chage & Aska by Various Artists" will be released in England on July 8 by EMI Premiere. Michael Hutchence participated in the project devoted to the top-selling Japanese duo and said, "It's been a real pleasure to work on it - great songs and great people." There is also a small picture of Michael in the magazine.

June 19, 1996:

Three of the songs titles that may appear on INXS' forthcoming October 22 disc have drifted to my ears.... They are "Girl on Fire," "Shake Your Tree," and "Elegantly Wasted." A guest percussionist, Luis Conti, will also appear on the disc.

June 18, 1996:

The Australian Aboriginal world music giants Yothu Yindi are set to return in August with a new CD entitled "Wild Honey." Andrew Farriss will appear on the 15th track of the disc.

June 15, 1996:

Tim Farriss is scheduled to release a new pro software product next month entitled "Deep Inside Tim Farriss." The project has been in production for over a year at Tim's Sydney studio, and features over 1000 samples of guitar, vocal, percussion, etc. Also included is an exclusive demo track produced by Tim and his gang. The price is a hefty $99. More information is available at or via email to

June 13, 1996:

A new gossip happy story about Michael, Paula, and Bob Geldof... Read all about it in this AP article.

June 5, 1996 (from Mary Woods):

This just in from a fan in Oz who phoned me:

Tim and Kirk just did an interview on Triple J Radio in Australia. Some highlights:

  • Tim expressed his annoyance over the media frenzy about Michael and Paula and said he was glad he punched out that photographer. (way to go, Tim!!)
  • Michael and Andrew will be going to Spain (why??) to finish some work on the new album in a few weeks
  • Tim said they decided not to have any influences for this new work and they just did what they wanted to do, a la "Welcome", but there doesn't seem to be any slow songs in the bunch
  • Hutchence baby due in Sept. (hey, we knew that already, huh?)

June 3, 1996 (from Dana Gross):

Mercury Records announced this morning that the new INXS album would be released on October 22, 1996. It's coming!

June 1, 1996:

This month's issue of Elle features Helena Christiansen. One of the pictures is of none other than her and Michael Hutchence, her ex.

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