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July 1996

July 23, 1996:

The Adelaide Advertiser reports that Heavenly Herani was born yesterday in London at home with Michael helping the midwives as his partner Paula gave birth to 3.1kg (6.8lbs for us Americans) Heavenly Herani. They also included the name Tiger Lily because they were so proud when they first layed eyes on her. Heavenly Herani Tiger Lily Hutchence is her name. Michael was quoted as saying it was "the proudest moment of my life, I'm a dad...and I'm on cloud nine and I think I'll do this every year."

Congratulations to Michael, Paula and Heavenly Herani Tiger Lily and all the families involved.

July 22, 1996:

A report in a Melbourne newspaper today reveals that the first single off of the new INXS album will be entitled "I'm Searching," due for release in September. Though this has not been confirmed by Mercury, the record label does confirm that the new record will not be released until January 1997.

July 15, 1996:

Michael made an appearance on Australia's JJJ radio station yesterday to talk about the new record. The band is tentatively thinking of calling the album "Elegantly Wasted." (Feedback on that title would be appreciated at Michael also said that the band would probably do some dates in Australia in September, and hinted that the album might be delayed till January of 1997. Let's hope not!

July 5, 1996:

For those of you in Europe, don't miss an INXS rockumentary on MTV Europe on July 9.

July 1, 1996 (from Sue Morley):

This month's Pulse magazine features a snippet on the long-delayed new Talking Heads (sans David Byrne) record. Many guest vocalists are participating, including Johnette Napolitano (formerly of Concrete Blonde), Debbie Harry, and none other than Michael Hutchence (is there any project he is not involved in?). There is still no release date.

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