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August 1996

August 29, 1996:

Fraser, the INXS List's UK connection, has learned that Tom Lord-Alge is mixing the band's latest opus in the UK studio Town House. Lord-Alge has worked in the past with such artists as Corey Hart, OMD, Steve Winwood, Roxette, and Rick Astley. More recently, he mixed "Under the Table and Dreaming" by the Dave Matthews Band, Tracy Bonham's debut "The Burdens of Being Upright," and Live's "Throwing Copper." He also helped in mixing the Cure's latest work "Wild Mood Swings." My opinion on the real reason he got the job? He also happened to mix the critically acclaimed debut from Black Grape - "It's Great When You're Straight...Yeah!" And we all know what good friends Michael Hutchence and Shaun Ryder are...

August 27, 1996: (from Dana Gross)

The long-awaited single by the Heads (Talking Heads minus David Byrne) featuring vocals from none other than Michael Hutchence is called "The King is Gone." The CD, "No Talking, Just Heads," will be released on October 8 on MCA Records.

August 25, 1996:

The Australian ARIA Awards (the equivalent of the US Grammys or UK Brit Awards) will be held on September 30 in Sydney. INXS is due to perform live on the program, which will mark the first time the band has appeared in public since supporting the Greatest Hits CD in 1994.

August 23, 1996:

Word has arrived that the members of INXS have all for the most part returned to their native Australia. Their current work-in-progress, still untitled, is currently being mixed in the Town House studio in London. The band will not release a single in September as had been previously rumored, and the album is now looking like it will be finally released in February 1997.

August 16, 1996:

Happy Birthday wishes to Tim Farriss, guitarist extraordinaire, who turns 39 today!

August 15, 1996: (from Cyber-Sleaze)

GEORGE MICHAEL is planning a music business thank you bash to end them all. Michael, 33, has allocated $450,000 for the hush-hush champagne and caviar party at the end of the month. And pals say it will amount to a Who's Who of pop and rock. Among the invitees are BOB GELDOF - and the LIVE AID hero's ex-wife PAULA YATES, with her new boyfriend INXS singer MICHAEL HUTCHENCE.

August 14, 1996: (from Cyber-Sleaze 8/12/96)

INXS' MICHAEL HUTCHENCE played the doting dad when he accompanied lover PAULA YATES and their daughter HEAVENLY HIRAANI TIGER LILY on a picnic. (we won't even start on that name...) The three, together with Yates' other children FIFI TRIXIBELLE, PEACHES and PIXIE (we hear the next one is to be named Spatula), settled down to eat while waiting for a private flight to the South of France. Another traveler at Blackbushe Airport near Camberley, Surrey, England, said, "Paula seemed very happy and relaxed. There were lots of people around and quite a few of them recognized the party, but Paula seemed oblivious." She was so natural with the baby and when the tot got hungry she just slipped her dress strap down and started breast-feeding. "Despite her recent boob job, she didn't seem concerned about us watching and suckled the little one openly for 30 minutes." Meanwhile, Michael played the doting dad, fascinated by it all." Isn't that sweet?

August 10, 1996:

Happy Birthday to Jon Farriss, our beloved drummer, who turns 35 today!

August 5, 1996:

This week's Time magazine features a snippet on the long-delayed new Talking Heads (sans David Byrne) record. Many guest vocalists are participating, including Johnette Napolitano (formerly of Concrete Blonde), Debbie Harry, and none other than Michael Hutchence (is there any project he is not involved in?). There is still no release date....

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