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September 1996

September 30, 1996:

INXS unveiled a new song this evening at the ARIA Awards in Australia. The song, "Searching," has a slow tempo, with a funky chorus/hook. Here's your exclusive chance to listen to this BRAND-NEW song --- download this .wav file ----

In addition, Michael, sporting dyed black straight hair and glasses, presented 2 awards with Neneh Cherry.

Finally, I have also added a new article on the band from The Australian, printed on the 26th of September.

September 22, 1996:

A great interview with Michael Hutchence appears in the October 96 issue of Q Magazine. Well worth reading!

September 22, 1996: (from ATN)

David Byrne has dropped his lawsuit against his former Talking Heads bandmates, who have regrouped under the "Heads" moniker. The album, "No Talking, Just Heads," will be released on October 8, and features Michael Hutchence on lead vocals on the track "The King is Gone." A Rolling Stone review of the album gives it only two stars (it must be all of the other songs...)

September 17, 1996:

The name of the brand-new INXS single has reached my ears --- it's called Searching and will be debuted at the ARIA Awards on September 30.

September 17, 1996: (from Tracy Nash)

An article appears in today's Daily Telegraph in Sydney about Michael, Paula, and their child Tigerlily. Click here to read all about it!

September 13, 1996: (from Dana Gross)

And at long last -- a release date for the new INXS record!!! Mercury Records has announced today that the album will hit stores on March 18, 1997. A single should precede that in February.

September 11, 1996:

This is an old item, but still interesting. I came across a mention of Michael Hutchence's forthcoming solo album in the Sydney Morning Herald from November 1995 (hey - I said this was old). The newspaper reports that the album is strongly influenced by the likes of Portishead, with recording help from Andy Gill (ex Gang of Four), Tim Simenon (Bomb The Bass) and Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads). The "new" info for us is the fact that Portishead is one of the influences for the work, and that Tina Weymouth is involved.

September 10, 1996: (from Alter-Sleaze)

MICHAEL HUTCHENCE's famous pals have stood by him as he sets up home with his new lover PAULA YATES. The INXS rocker has been trying to avoid the press since stepping out with TV presenter Yates, LIVE AID hero BOB GELDOF's ex-wife, earlier this year. And mates such as DAVE STEWART, JOE STRUMMER and SHAUN RYDER have been helping him out by keeping him busy in secret studios throughout Europe. The results - a series of big name jam sessions - are to be released on a new solo project next spring. Hutchence's bandmates in INXS have also been trying to keep the rocker's mind off the turmoil in his life by dragging him into the studio. INXS manager PAUL CRAIG says, "Michael's been very busy - just what he needed to avoid all the press interest. As a result he'll have a solo project and a new INXS album ready for release in the new year." The as-yet untitled solo project also features GANG OF FOUR star ANDY GILL and BOMB THE BASS creator TIM SIMENON.

September 7, 1996: (from

...Also playing it straight, despite tabloid exaggerations to the contrary, is INXS star Michael Hutchence, now a daddy. I don't know if being a father has had an effect on INXS's new album and tour, but they've both been delayed. The long awaited album will now be released early in 1997, and the world tour won't start at least until April of next year. By the way, the word is this new INXS album is a complete eclectic knockout, and will completely knockout the INXS knockers.

September 4, 1996: (from

INXS frontman MICHAEL HUTCHENCE has revealed the Australian rockers took just five weeks to write and record their new album. And he admits the last year -during which time he has had a baby with girlfriend PAULA YATES after she left husband BOB GELDOF for him - has been the strangest of his life. Hutchence was growing frustrated at taking so long to make his first solo album in Dublin, Ireland - so was eager to return to work with his bandmates. The hearthrob singer says, "I was warmed up by the solo album, so for INXS we wrote a song a day for two weeks. Then we went to Vancouver in Canada and walked out of the studio three weeks later with a great record." And Hutchence reckons the NEED YOU TONIGHT rockers sound "like a band you wouldn't want to mess with in a bar-room brawl." He adds, "It's been the most intense year of my life - I've made a baby, two albums and I've made infamy."

September 1, 1996:

Well, as its the first of the month, there is no new news yet this month. Please feel free to check out the very busy month of August 1996 in the meanwhile! I would also like to take this opportunity to offer my sincerest mea culpa to Kirk Pengilly, whose birthday I neglected to mention this year on the 4th of July. Happy Belated Birthday Kirk!

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