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October 1996

October 23, 1996:

A new member of the INXS family has just arrived! Andrew and Shelley had a 9lb 13oz bouncing baby boy named Mathew on October the 19th. Both are doing well. Mathew is the couple's third child, and first son. Congratulations!

October 21, 1996:

Here's the titles for ten of the tracks that will appear on "Elegantly Wasted":

I'm Just A Man, Girl On Fire, Don't Lose Your Head, Show Me, Elegantly Wasted, Everything, Shake The Tree, Building Bridges, Give It Up, and Searching.

October 16, 1996:

When will the UK gossip scavengers (aka UK media) leave Michael alone? The latest news is that Michael has again had a scuffle with photographers outside the London home he shares with PAULA YATES after she was arrested Monday in connection with an alleged drugs seizure. Upon her return on bail from the Chelsea police station, Michael is reported (by the UK media of course) to have "furiously" clashed with one photgrapher as the media swarmed around the $1.12 million home before Yates eventually had to call the police. Enough is enough! Let them live in peace! (Not to mention the fact that we're all anxiously awaiting "Elegantly Wasted.")

October 14, 1996:

Dana Gross, our Mercury Records connection, has confirmed the title for the new INXS album... It's entitled (drum roll please) Elegantly Wasted, and will be released on March 18, 1997.

In other news, "No Talking Just Head" was released last week, with Michael Hutchence performing guest vocals on "The King is Gone." Though the record is being savaged by critics, Michael is receiving good press for his effort. Mr. Showbiz writes, "...The most successful collaborations go down when the singer knows his or her way around rollicking, rhythmic material. This means funk appreciators like INXS's Michael Hutchence ("The King Is Gone") and XTC's Andy Partridge ("Papersnow") come off sounding fine..." A .wav file and RealAudio clips of "The King is Gone" are available at Mr. Showbiz.

October 11, 1996: (from Matthew Marsland):

The Herald-Sun in Australia reports today that the bitter custody battle between Paula Yates and Bob Geldof ended amicably yesterday when the warring couple agreed to share care of their three daughters.

Only last week, the two were bitter opponents for access to their children after a police raid on Yates' London home and the alleged seizure of opium. Geldof was granted temporary custody of Fifi Trixibelle, Peaches, and Pixie, forcing Yates to cut short her holiday in Sydney with lover Michael Hutchence and daughter Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily.

October 5, 1996:

INXS appears on two new compilations this week -- "Modern Rock: Hang the DJ 1986" and "Modern Rock: Hang the DJ 1988." Named after the main refrain in the brilliant Smiths song "Panic," this new compilation series attempts to expose youth of the 90's to the "alternative" music of the late 80's. The two INXS tracks included are "What You Need" and "Need You Tonight."

October 1, 1996:

INXS unveiled a new song last night at the ARIA Awards in Australia. The song, "Searching," has a slow tempo, with a funky chorus/hook that sounds (brace yourself) gospel-influenced? If anyone could pull it off, it's INXS. Here's your exclusive chance to listen to this BRAND-NEW song ---- download this .wav file ----

In addition, Michael, sporting dyed black straight hair and glasses, presented 2 awards with Neneh Cherry.

Finally, I have also added a new article on the band from The Australian, printed on the 26th of September.

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