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November 1996

November 26, 1996:

INXS is mentioned in today's Totally Live News at Microsoft's Music Central. They write, "...Mercury Records has been on a signing binge and has snared INXS (which it had outside the US), with plans to release the band's Elegantly Wasted in March. Insiders say it's 'a total comeback record' and is reminiscent of Kick, which many consider to be the band's shining hour." OK, so their news is a little old... But it was nice to read!

November 25, 1996:

INXS was sighted at the Whisky Bar in LA last night. They are in town this week for press meetings and a video shoot, presumably for the first single, Elegantly Wasted.

November 21, 1996: (from Mercury Records)

The first single off of INXS' upcoming CD has been announced! It will be the title track, Elegantly Wasted, and will be serviced to radio stations in March.

November 19, 1996: (from Cyber-Sleaze)

A tender scene between rock star MICHAEL HUTCHENCE and old flame HELENA CHRISTENSEN shocked celebrities at Thursday night's MTV EUROPE MUSIC AWARDS. INXS singer Hutchence, who ditched Christensen for BOB GELDOF's ex-wife PAULA YATES, spent half an hour gazing into the Danish beauty's eyes at the London bash. Yates, mother of Hutchence's three-month-old daughter HEAVENLY HIRAANI TIGER LILY, did not attend the event. One astonished onlooker said, "It was unbelievable. The pair only had eyes for each other as they had their little secret discussion in a corner of the room. All eyes were on them due to the public nature of Hutchence dumping Helena - one of the world's most beautiful women - for Paula. But as Paula was nowhere in sight it made their reunion even more exciting. It was the big gossip of the night."

November 14, 1996: (from Mercury Records)

The release dates for Elegantly Wasted have been pushed back to April 15, 1997 in the US and April 8, 1997 in the UK and Australia.

INXS was *supposed* to make a special appearance at tonight's MTV Europe Music Awards show in London... They were even announced at the beginning of the show (to cheers from the audience, I might add.) Unfortunately, it was all a big sham, for there were only two quick (and stupid) interviews with Michael. Overall, with just a few exceptions, it was an extremely poor program. Ah well...

November 12, 1996: (from Mercury Records)

The official track listing for Elegantly Wasted, INXS' forthcoming release, has been announced! The songs are:

1. Show Me
2. Elegantly Wasted
3. Everything I Do
4. Don't Lose Your Head
5. Searching
6. Just a Man

(cassette side B)
7. Girl on Fire
8. Thrown Together
9. Shake the Tree
10. Give it Up (She is Rising)
11. Building Bridges

November 8, 1996: (from Alter-Sleaze)

INXS are threatening to pull out of the MTV EUROPE MUSIC AWARDS - because they're not being paid enough respect. The Australian group had agreed to play the prestigious awards later this month, but last-minute contractual negotiations broke down after MTV bosses told them they could only appear on the second stage - in a completely separate room to the awards themselves. Now red-faced award organizers may be forced to hastily rethink their plans after frontman MICHAEL HUTCHENCE refused to play beneath acts such as THE FUGEES, BOYZONE and PETER ANDRE. A pal of the group says, "Michael's absolutely furious - he's not spent 17 years in the music business to be told he's going to have to play in some kind of back room." A spokesperson for the group admits talks with the music station will have to take place before any final decision is made about INXS's performance. Their manager PAUL CRAIG says, "We'd really like to play this bash, but you know how it is. We're certainly not just going to present an award or do anything minor like that."

November 7, 1996:

Michael Hutchence, who last week was in NYC (see below), has this week been sighted in Los Angeles. Early this week he watched the Stone Temple Pilots open their latest tour at LA's Universal Amphitheater. Um... shouldn't he be in London with Paula and Tiger? :)

Also, Addicted to Noise, the internet music magazine, has a small and somewhat sarcastic story entitled "The Return of INXS" in their Music News of The World section today. Well, as they say, no promotion is bad promotion...

November 1, 1996:

Michael Hutchence has been in New York City for the past few days meeting with Mercury Records re: the new record. But it's not all business for Michael, as he was noticed hanging around at a John Mellencamp concert two nights ago at the Irving Plaza.

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