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December 1996

December 18, 1996:

The IN2XS Fan Club Head, Mary Woods, was lucky enough to visit the video shoot for the new INXS single, Elegantly Wasted. Here's her report:

Held in a production studio in the San Fernando Valley, there was a large crowd of extras and production crew, record company personnel and at least 2 video cameras rolling. There was only time for quick hellos when they took a break. The band was behind the set most of the time until called and then rehearsed continuingly. That day they were being taped hanging around a circular riser in an "airport" lobby, equipment cases about, Michael singing with the rest of the guys seemingly waiting for the flight. It's true there's a lot of "hurry up and wait" while the video crew sets up the shots, angles and blocking. Many hours of hanging around, and yes, it does seem like it could get boring (even though I was way too excited to be bored!).

And they looked great! A little bit glam and very fresh. Lynne, the stylist found some appropriately colorful duds for the guys. Jon in a mustard colored leather coat, Tim wearing a green leather jacket, Kirk in blue-lensed glasses and red & black spats, Garry with an orangey buzz cut. Andrew looked smashing in a multicolored stripped jacket (and those wild red/white & black plaid pants Michael wore I hear belonged to Paula). It was so exciting to see them all [together again]!

For the first few hours only the beginning strains of Elegantly Wasted were played over and over and right before I left, I got to hear the whole song from beginning to end. It's a real rocker and should be a big hit off the new album. It will be facinating to see how the video comes out, after the special effects are added!

December 16, 1996:

All Star Magazine has a great new article/interview with INXS at the site of the video shoot for "Elegantly Wasted." Also, there is a Quicktime Video Clip of Michael talking over at All Star's site. Definitely worth checking out!

December 13, 1996:

Elegantly Wasted, the first single from the eagerly-awaited album, will be released on March 10 in the UK. No word yet on the US release date. The album (of the same name) will be released April 7 in the UK and April 15 in the States.

December 1, 1996:

An Excess of INXS is today participating in A Day Without Graphics in conjunction with World AIDS Day.

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