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January 1997

January 31, 1997: (from Mercury Records)

Artwork for the radio promo single, "Elegantly Wasted," is from the same photo shoot as the one I described earlier - action shots, brightly colored cars, lots of dust. The cover is the model in the tight INXS t-shirt standing with a bright green car. The address is on the back after the credits.

Speaking of the address, Web Jungle, who made that great prototype site, is the company that received the contract for the official INXS site. I'm hoping to play a role in the new site, but for now, there has been little activity beyond awarding the contract.

I have also learned that INXS played another show the night before their recent industry-gig also at ABC Studios. It was an acoustic show (preparation for their upcoming Aspen show?) and featured such classics as "Listen Like Thieves," "Never Tear Us Apart," "Not Enough Time," "Burn For You," and "New Sensation." (If you happened to be at either gig, and just so happened to bring a tape recorder, please email me as I'm quite interested in obtaining a copy!)

And finally.... (whew).... INXS will be in New York City next week for promotion duty!

January 29, 1997:

INXS performed a secret gig tonight (their first show in 2 years!). The gig took place at the ABC Studios in Gore Hill, just outside of Sydney. The industry-only event was to preview tracks from the forthcoming April disc Elegantly Wasted. The band played for about 90 minutes before 100-120 guests. The album is the first 'new release' since signing to Mercury for a rumoured $30 million.

If anyone was lucky enough to have gotten into the event, PLEASE email me with your thoughts and comments!

January 24, 1997:

The acoustic show INXS is performing on February 4 in Aspen, Colorado for VH-1 will take place at the Wheeler Opera House. No further details or ticket information has been released, and I suspect the program will be an industry-only affair.

If you would like to contact the Wheeler Opera House, try these numbers (I have no idea whether they are accurate or not): WOH Box Office (303) 925-2750; WOH Information (303) 920-2266; WOH Management (303) 920-2268. Good luck!

January 22, 1997:

Happy 37th Birthday to Michael Hutchence! Best wishes and good luck on the new album!

In Music & Media, an Australian music site, has the following written in today's edition:

Hutchence Relocating?

The Sydney media says that Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates are quitting London for Sydney -- and have apparently shelled out $4.5 million for a four-storey federation house in Plunkett St, Kirribilli (a step and a throw from the Prime Minister's pad) which has its own lift, swimming pool, flat for the nanny, and splendid waterfront views. Alas, the people who own the place now, insist they haven't sold it yet. Hutchence was this week spotted (complete with Hawaiian shirt) with some friends having a giggle at the nude surfing event at Bondi Beach, part of the Sydney Fringe Festival. Over a thousand people -- including celebs like fashion designer Stuart Membrey, actress Rebekah Elmalogiou and Jason Donovan (who competed) -- cheered on 30 men and women as they tackled 1m swells.

January 20, 1997: (from Alter-Sleaze)

British TV host PAULA YATES and her lover INXS rocker MICHAEL HUTCHENCE are planning to settle in Sydney, Australia, it was claimed yesterday. They are said to be buying a $3.2 million home with views of Sydney harbour. The couple are currently holidaying in Hutchence's homeland. The singer is reportedly fed up with Britain and the attention he and Yates, the ex-wife of LIVE AID hero BOB GELDOF, received.

January 15, 1997: (from MTV)

MTV, who, for better or worse, helped INXS become the world's biggest band in the late 80s, today posted the following on their website:

INXS Get Back to Video

Jan. 15 [16:00 EST] -- INXS have reportedly just finished work on the first video from their relatively ballyhooed comeback album, "Elegantly Wasted." To film the clip for the title track, the band got together with Walter Stern (the man behind the video for the Prodigy's "Firestarter").

The band filmed the clip over two days on location in California, and spent another three days taking care of photographs for the album's artwork.

"Elegantly Wasted" will be the 11th album from INXS, and their first on Mercury Records, who will release it on April 14.

In case you forgot, INXS, which formed in 1977, mixed snapping guitar riffs with infectious dance beats, and found a formula for astounding success.

The group attracted widespread attention with 1985's "Listen Like Thieves" LP, and saw their fame skyrocket with "Kick." Boasting hit singles like "Need You Tonight," "Devil Inside," and "Never Tear Us Apart," the album went on to sell nine million copies. [end]

In other news, Music Week (the UK equivalent to Billboard) features a photo this week from the video shoot. Basically, it's a photo of the band members (plus a short-skirted female model) in various costumes in the desert. It's an "action" shot of them in interesting poses with lots of smoke and dust and a couple of brightly colored cars.

The new logo for the album is all capital letters, IN and S are black, the X is red and slightly larger, with a white star in between it and the N.

In addition, our Mercury Records connection said to "Look for a 6 or 7 date club tour of major markets just after the album release. Also look out for a Letterman appearance around the same time."

It won't be long now, folks!

January 14, 1997: (from Mercury Records)

INXS has just completed their first video for their forthcoming album "Elegantly Wasted". The video for the track "Elegantly Wasted" was directed over two days by Walter Stern who is best known for directing all the recent fantastic videos by UK act The Prodigy. The band also spent three days shooting photographs for their album and singles artwork. The band, who are dressed in various roles such as a policeman, delivery man and taxi driver in their own very bizarre world, just about escaped untouched from one location in east Los Angeles where they received a lot of attention from local people. After this, they spent two days in the desert where at one point the dust got so bad that the photographer could not see any of them. Congratulations to band member Garry Gary Beers who just had a baby girl called 'Matilda' to make it three INXS babies in the last six months. Andrew had a boy in October and Michael had a girl in July.

Congratulations to Garry!

January 9, 1997:

The acoustic show in Aspen will take place on February 4, and is being hosted by VH-1. No word yet on when the performance will be televised, or if tickets will be sold for the exclusive event.

January 2, 1997:

The band is rumored to be performing an acoustic show in early February in Aspen, Colorado.

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