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February 1997

February 27, 1997:

Tim Farriss emailed me a very nice letter yesterday. Some of his words:

"The VH-1 show was our first public performance in something like three years and I think it was one of our best ever!!!"
"We recorded new versions of 'Stay Young', 'Just Keep Walking', 'In Vain' and 'Barbarian' while we were in the studio in Capri recording FMDH and they fucking rock the house!!!!!!!!!!!! We will use them soon I promise."
"Micheal, Kirk and and I just got back to London after a gruelling day of promotion in Denmark which included two unplugged performances of 'Everything'(a new song) and 'Heaven Sent', which we had to get up @ 6.00am to sound check and perform in a Danish toilet at the National Govt. radio station, cool huh?"

If anyone taped their unplugged performance, please contact me immediately! I'd love to get a clip of it up on this site!

In other news, the Radio 1 Gig on March 1 will take place at the BBC Hippodrome in Golders Green, London, and not at the Maida Vale studio as earlier reported.

Finally, Michael Hutchence is appearing on the Virgin Breakfast show (7 am - 10 am GMT) sometime next week (March 3 - March 7). Remember, you can hear Virgin Radio UK anywhere in the world using RealAudio - just head on over to

February 21, 1997:

INXS is performing a special BBC Radio 1 gig on March 1st at the BBC Maida Vale studios, which they last played during promotion for the Greatest Hits. The tickets are free (and are already all gone, I'm sorry to report), with a minimum donation of 5 pounds required to the Comic Relief fund. For those of you in the UK not lucky enough to have gotten tickets, Radio 1 will air the concert on March 16.

February 19, 1997:

Kirk Pengilly will be interviewed on Thursday the 20th by Station Brussels, the only alternative radio station in Belgium. If you have any questions for Kirk, you can send them by clicking here.

In addition, Studio Brussels tells me that INXS will host a lauchparty for the new album in Brussels, with an exclusive concert to be held for the world press.

February 18, 1997:

Rumor has it that Michael Hutchence will appear on Radio 1 in the UK tomorrow (2/19) at lunchtime. The legendary station, which can often make or break a single in the UK, played the band's new single, Elegantly Wasted today!

The transcript for the SonicNet chat is now up, though it is quite edited.

February 15, 1997:

INXS appeared on TFI Friday, a television show in the UK, yesterday and performed their seminal 80s hit, Need You Tonight. Why the band chose not to perform their new single Elegantly Wasted is a mystery to me...

February 7, 1997:

The band did an on-line chat with Firefly yesterday, and another one with SonicNet this evening. A transcript of the SonicNet chat will be available in about one week, and will be accessible from this site.

February 6, 1997:

The VH-1 performance will be aired starting February 28. Though previously reported to be an acoustic performance, I have now learned that it is a "normal" electric concert.

INXS will appear on the Late Show With David Letterman on April 15, and The Rosie O'Donnell show on April 16 to perform their new single, Elegantly Wasted.

The probable second single is Girl On Fire, but that is not yet definite.


February 3, 1997: (from Mercury Records)

Radio work date of the single "Elegantly Wasted" is March 10th. This means that March 10th is the date for radio stations to add the song to their regular playlists. The date is the same for all radio formats: AAA (adult album alternative), AOR/Active Rock, CHR/Crossover (top 40) and Alternative. March 10th is also the work date at CMJ for the full album - college stations will have the whole album on that date.

February 2, 1997:


INXS will be chatting on February 6 @ 4:30PM EST - band members will answer all your questions about the band and their new record, Elegantly Wasted.

Just go over to Firefly's site at You must be a member (you can sign-up for free), so don't forget to do that before the actual event.


February 1, 1997:


INXS will be chatting on February 7 @ 7:30PM EST - Michael Hutchence and Tim Farriss answer all your questions about the band and their new record, Elegantly Wasted.

Logging on is easy. Point your IRC client to OR go to SonicNet's Chat Central ( for more information. You can download Global Chat software directly from

Email Andrea Goldstein if you have any questions!

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