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June 1997

June 30, 1997

INXS will appear on the best of Hard Rock Live on VH-1 (USA) on July 5 at 5pm EDT.

June 24, 1997:

A review of INXS' Wembley show in London from InMusic&Media:

INXS CHARGE THROUGH ADRENALIN PUMPED SET OF HITS. From the moment their road crew, adorned with knee length, long sleeved doctor's coats, left the stage and the band wandered on, it was plain this was going to be one of the great concerts. The staging was simple, white, sparkling, giving the charismatic, babe magnet Michael Hutchence enough space to slide and shimmy to his heart's content. The opening song, "Elegantly Wasted" demonstrated clearly that INXS was not only back with a vengeance, but have not yet reached their peak of perfection. The INXS rhythm section is one of the best in the world, do not doubt it. They pound, they lope, the soothe, they funk out like nobody else would even dare, drums and bass with lots of space. You forget. With time, you forget just what a great band INXS really are, and they haven't lost a damned thing, gained in fact. Pengilly and Farris (Tim) enter areas of guitar playing way, way off the well worn rock'n'roll pathway, inventing new ways of playing fierce rock guitar on top of that tight fisted, totally funk inspired rhythm section. You also forget just how many hits this act from downunder have had during their illustrious career. When you think you've heard them all, bang comes another. The entire 10,000 people at Wembley Stadium were with the band every beat of the way, the last half hour on their feet. What a treat. As much as the Australian media seems hell bent on crushing this, the most successful Australian band ever, INXS have outlasted their previous critics, and will certainly outlast the current crop of pretenders, especially the ignorant young lad at Sydney's Sydney Morning Herald. His name escapes me. INXS are part of rock'n'roll's elite, and it's fair to say they've done it mostly on their wicked, well earned reputation for playing live. After seeing them at last week's sold out Wembley Stadium show, you can take it from me they have never been better, they're one of the best in the world, and if I were them, I wouldn't even bother going down to Australia. But the band, as proud as they are of being Australian, seem hell bent on going down to the only country in the world that seems set to bring them down. If you're in Australia reading this piece, don't listen to the prejudiced self appointed critics. If you get a chance to see INXS, take it. Their current show leaves the rest for dead. They're utterly brilliant, full of adrenalin-pumped life, and restored my faith in rock'n'roll.

Bravo to Vincent Lovegrove -- for restoring my faith in some of the music media!

June 23, 1997:

The Band just headlined 2 major Festivals in Germany this weekend with artists such as Simple Minds, Sheryl Crow, Neneh Cherry on the Bills. The concerts were INXS at their very best and the audience reaction was fantastic. In the UK, the band have just completed an Arena tour which ended with a sold out show at the 10,000 capacity Wembley Arena. Reviewer's from the tour wrote:

"'Lead man Michael Hutchence looked every inch the rock god in black shirt and jeans. Fans became caught up in a mass clap-along to the old favourite Mystify while the material from the new album Elegantly Wasted , provoked a no less heated reaction.' SCOTSMAN NEWSPAPER

'INXS - Sexy Mutha Funkers. In a live setting INXS kick ass. Hutchence can serenade well but he can sing the part of the lusty roustabout better. When he opens the throttle on his throat and shows his tonsils you can feel the roar in your chest cavity. Ripper mate!' THE LIST , MAGAZINE

In FRANCE, the single Elegantly Wasted is now at Number 25 in the air play chart, up from number 42.

In SWITZERLAND, the band will be headling the sold out St Gallen festival in front of 30,000 people.

In AUSTRALIA, the new single 'Everything' has been added across the board on SAFM and the HOT FM network in Queensland.

In SOUTH AFRICA, 'Elegantly Wasted' has just entered the Top 20 Album Chart and the single was recently Number 1 on the National Air Play chart. At the end of their recent tour the Band were given a personaly signed picture by President Mandela. THE POST NEWSPAPER, DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA reports:

'Hand clapping and foot stomping were the order of the night as the Aussies turned on the charm - and heat - on a chilly night. The stadium came alive with pulsating rhythms which fans thoroughly enjoyed during their 2 hour performance.'

In ARGENTINA, the single 'Elegantly Wasted' has gone to Number 1 in the national chart.

June 22, 1997:

Happy 40th Birthday to Garry Gary Beers!

June 17, 1997:

The second single from the current album, "Everything," debuted at #71 on the UK charts. Oh well... better luck with the next single! :(

INXS are currently in the midst of a UK tour. Tonight, they play the NEC Arena in Birmingham, with London's Wembley Arena set for tomorrow night.

Canada's MuchMusic video station will air a three-part INXS spotlight on June 25, 26, and 27 at 7:30 pm and 11:30 pm EDT. Don't miss it!

June 3, 1997:

A great article on INXS is in this week's InMusic&Media, the Australian music website. Check it out at -- it's nice to see the Aussie press finally beginning to get behind the band again!

June 2, 1997:

You can chat with INXS Sunday, June 8 at 6pm EDT at MSN's Hardrock Live on Line. You do not have to be an MSN subscriber to participate in the chat, just download the free Microsoft chat only takes about 10 minutes. If you have any questions, please mail them to Mercury Records at

June 1, 1997:

Some reminders for all of you as we kick off a busy June -- INXS will appear on VH-1's "Hard Rock Live" series on June 8 at 8pm EST. Also appearing on the hour program will be the Verve Pipe. And for those in Germany, the Rockpalast Open Air concert will air on "West3" on June 21th 11.55 pm (23.55) MEZ featuring Simple Minds, INXS, Midnight Oil, Sheryl Crow, and others.

"Don't Lose Your Head" will be included on the soundtrack to the film Face/Off, which stars John Travolta and Nicholas Cage, and will be released June 24. This is the only song other than the instrumental music score to be selected for the John Woo-directed film's soundtrack; it will be tied into the film's promotional MTV and radio commercials. The upcoming "Don't Lose Your Head" video, directed by Nick Egan in South Africa, will incorporate film footage of Face/Off along with images of the band.

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