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July 1997

July 17, 1997

INXS will appear in the KFOG studio (104.5 and 97.7) on July 18 in San Francisco. Ten fans will be allowed into the studio for the appearance promoting the band's two area shows on the 18th and 19th.

The video for Searching will be shot this Sunday in San Francisco, with Nick Egan once again directing.

Everything has moved up to #18 on the MTV Latino Top 20 charts.

July 15, 1997:

For those interested, the current set-list for the tour is: Elegantly Wasted, New Sensation, Taste It, Time, I'm Just a Man, Heaven Sent, Disappear, Searching, Kick, Never Tear Us Apart, Kiss the Dirt, Need You Tonight, Mediate, Show Me, Bitter Tears, Girl on Fire, What You Need, and Devil Inside. The encore is Don't Lose Your Head, Mystify, Don't Change, and last but not least, Suicide Blonde.

July 11, 1997:

INXS kicks off its US tour tonight in LA at the Greek Theatre. All week long the band has been busy with promotional duties. Here's a wrap-up:

Yesterday, Michael, Andrew and Kirk performed in front of a crowd of about 50 listeners and station personnel on the Mark & Brian show at KLOS in LA. (According to Kirk, the other members of the band had gotten into L.A. late last night and were probably still sleeping.) They performed Need You Tonight, Searching, I'm Just A Man and Never Tear Us Apart. In addition to performing they answered questions from the live audience and callers. They also took time during commercial breaks and at the end of the broadcast to sign autographs and pose for pictures. Later that day, the band performed "Don't Lose Your Head" for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Reactions have been decidedly mixed for the performance. Jet lag may have been a factor...

Earlier today, KROQ broadcast their "Flashback Lunch with Richard Blade" from the Greek Theater. The band performed a free semi-acoustic set (identical to the KLOS performance) for a couple of hundred fans. The show was in anticipation of tonight's big opening night for the US tour.

Other promo events: An interview segment for Good Day LA and Star Lounge (KYSR 98.7), and an appearance on the syndicated radio program Rockline.

In other INXS news, "Everything" debuted at #20 on the Latino MTV Top 20, and INXS will be the special guests on The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder on July 23.

July 8, 1997:

All Access in The Live Lounge at is hosting an INXS chat on Wednesday, July 9 at 8:00PM (EDT). Garry, Andrew, and Michael will be present. Chatters will have a chance to win signed t-shirts and autographed copies of Elegantly Wasted.

INXS will perform on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC) on Thursday, July 10. Don't miss it! INXS' North American tour kicks off July 11 in Los Angeles at the Greek Theatre.

July 7, 1997:

INXS will appear tonight on the US nationally syndicated radio program Rockline (Monday, July 7.) Michael, Garry, and Andrew will talk with host Bob Coburn and field telephone questions from fans during the 90 minute program. For the station carrying the program in your area, a list has been posted to or simply email me.

"The Best of Hard Rock Live 2," featuring a performance by INXS, airs again tonight at 8pm EDT on VH-1. The show will also repeat on Sunday, July 12 at 5pm EDT.

July 3, 1997:

Happy 39th Birthday to Kirk Pengilly!

July 2, 1997:

While in Vienna, Austria, Michael went to see David Bowie in concert and after the show they both met up backstage.

Tomorrow is Kirk's birthday and the band is planning to celebrate in style in Oslo.

INXS will be performing live on the radio on The Mark & Brian Show on Thursday, July 10th. The Mark & Brian Show originates in Los Angeles, on 95.5 KLOS, and is syndicated in about 20 cities. The band will perform in the Mark & Brian Amphitheater (really a conference room at the station) to about 30 listeners.

INXS are to be featured on the best of Hard Rock Live on VH-1 (USA) July 5 at 5pm EDT. A clip will be shown from their recent Hard Rock Live show taped in April in New York.

And finally, in a continuing debate, Much Music was interviewing Michael Hutchence on Rapid Fax and asked him whether or not he was actually saying "Better than Oasis" as opposed to "Elegantly Wasted" in the chorus of the hit song. He feigned surprise and they showed a clip from a concert where he's indisputably saying the phrase. He finnaly responded with a grin and "What a strange phenomenon. I wonder how that got there.."

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