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August 1997

August 29, 1997

According to newspaper reports today, Michael "severely sprained his ankle" on the 27th which led the band to cancel its Milwaukee engagement. The show will be rescheduled within the next few days. No word on whether the band will perform in today's SpiritFest in Kansas City.

Here are the current sales figures for Elegantly Wasted: 138,889 copies sold to date in the US. Sales this week were 1,669 - up 0.5% from the previous week. As for FMDH, 147,573 units have been sold to date...

August 27, 1997

Michael apparently sprained (or otherwise hurt) his ankle today, so the band postponed its show this evening in Milwaukee. No word yet on how serious the injury was, or whether any other shows will be cancelled.

An interview with Andrew Farriss appears in this month's KEYBOARD with INXS on the cover. If anyone would like to transcribe it, drop me a line!

August 23, 1997

INXS launched the second leg of its US tour last night with a rocking sold-out concert in Chicago. The band next plays Detroit and Cleveland.

Two articles have recently appeared on the band. The August AXCESS has a three page article and interview on the band, while a small article appears on Jon Farriss in the Aug/Sept issue of DRUM. Here's a transcription of the piece written by David Weiss and transcribed by Karen R. Dillard:

JON FARRISS: Back to the Basics with INXS

Recording tracks for the tenth INXS album, Jon Farriss found himself in a slightly strange place--on a drum stool. "I played more drums on Elegantly Wasted than I have on any record for about 12 years!" Farriss says, laughing.

That doesn't mean there aren't sequencers and programs aplenty on Wasted. After all, Farriss was one of the first drummers to exploit drum machine technology without deserting his acoustic chops. "I embraced drum machines instead of fearing them," he says. "Sequencers, sampling, looping are something that I fortunately married with drums way back when."

With another world tour pending, Farriss is mindful of the types of problems that can crop up with an acoustic/electric setup like his. "The nightmare of playing on stage with sequencers is that you have to be quite good if something goes wrong--which it does," Farriss assures us. "It's called MIDI hell. Everything breaks down, and the result is a bit like Apollo 13: 'Houston, we have a problem!'"

August 16, 1997

Happy 40th Birthday to Tim Farriss and Happy 20th Anniversary to INXS! We're all looking forward to the next 20 guys! :)

August 13, 1997

INXS has signed on to record two songs for an ambitious upcoming tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival. The disc, which is tentatively scheduled for release on May 1, 1998, will feature the likes of Jewel, Red Hot Chili Peppers, John Hiatt, Los Lobos, John Fogerty, Travis Tritt, P-Funk, Tracy Chapman, and many others. INXS will perform "Hey Tonight" solo and "Long As I Can See The Light" as a duet with Ray Charles.

August 12, 1997

An update arrived today from Paul Craig, INXS' manager. Here are some excerpts (with my own comments inserted in italics):

In AMERICA, the band performed 'Don't Lose Your Head' on the Jay Leno show and then commenced a sold out West Coast tour at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.
"An energized INXS wows enthused Canyons crowd. INXS passed every test thrown at it." DESERT NEWS, Salt Lake City.

Why is there only one review from the current US tour included? I for one have been struck by the lack of media coverage of the current tour, and can only blame management for slacking. Articles and photographs from each show should have been appearing in newspapers and magazines daily...

In CZECH, the band played to 5,000 people with Sheryl Crow as special guest.

In DENMARK the Band headlined the Midtfyn festival in front of 35,000 people and the reviewers wrote:
"INXS delivered the merchandise as they handed over an elegant rock show thanks to the hyper-active Michael Hutchence who flaunted his Danish skills." DET FRI AKTUELT NEWSPAPER
"Perfect 'Showmanship'" INFORMATION NEWSPAPER
"The Australian INXS became the absolute monarch from 'down under'. By this their last European concert, they rocked and captivated a large audience Saturday night" SKIVE FOLKEBLAD NEWSPAPER
"INXS took the festival to a higher ground. The concert with the energetic boys was a great experience and the end of the concert was impressive leaving 30-35,000 people jumping and dancing" MIDTJYLLANDS AVIS NEWSPAPER
"INXS conquered the audience at Midtfyn by an intense concert Saturday night. The Australian mega stars master the art of transferring their music beyond the stage. The concert proved that INXS is untouchable on a large stage. They have the music and the star-like attitude. What else is needed?" MORGENPOSTEN FYNS STIFTSTIDENDE NEWSPAPER

Reviews have recently arrived from FRANCE relating to the album:
"This new album is a real success" REFLETS DNA (Regional Newspaper)
"INXS produce the best album they have ever done. A terrific album of pop" FANZINE PLUS
"INXS come back with 'Elegantly Wasted'. The band decide to stay in the same way, INXS is still INXS and its better like this" PARIS CAPITALE
"INXS is back. 'Elegantly Wasted' proves INXS is a real rock band" BLAH BLAH (Music Magazine)
"Elegantly Wasted is a wonderful album with a lot of emotions, sadness, happiness, desire so a very good album" LIBERATION CHAMPAGNE (Regional Newspaper)
"Elegantly Wasted the new album of the Australian band INXS is a wonderful album. INXS plays the authenticity and that works." VOGUE (Womens Magazine)
"Album of week. "Elegantly Wasted" the new album of INXS should put the band on the big wave success." LE PROGRES (Regional Newspaper)
"INXS prove that the Rock is still alive. Instead of doing fashion music like U2, INXS keep their pop-rock image and that works very well" SUD OUEST DIMANCHE (Regional Newspaper)
"Elegantly Wasted, the new album from INXS, mixes past, present and future" AUJOURD'HUI LE PARISEN (Regional Newspaper)
"With changing their label and having new Management the band have a new breath and it seems better. 'Elegantly Wasted' is one of the best albums INXS have done" CINE TELE REVUE (TV Schedule Magazine)

The following reviews have been received from AUSTRIA
"It is a great record as INXS hold on to their own sound and style" KRONEN ZEITUNG (Newspaper)
"Elegantly Wasted gets four stars out of a maximum of five" NEWS (Magazine)

More reviews have come through from the UK Tour:
"Michael Hutchence remains a master at heating things up live" SHEFFIELD STAR (regional newspaper)
"Last night we were reminded of the bands world-wide appeal which has bagged them countless awards" NEWCASTLE CHRONICLE (regional newspaper)
"And there you have it! A damn good rock gig - a case of 'get the beers in - let's dance!'" PAINT IT RED (regional newspaper)
"INXS wows the crowd with grand finale. The band provided an entertaining, worthy ending to a day packed with some great live music" WESTERN MAIL (regional newspaper)

Mr. Craig -- though it's wonderful to see such glowing reviews, it can not hide the fact that the album and the current tour are not selling as well as hoped, and that radio and MTV are pretty much ignoring the singles. As a loooong-time fan of the band, I can't sit by and watch Mercury just let the album disappear. Mr. Craig -- it is your duty to start applying some long-needed pressure to the media and record label to get behind the album. It would be a sorry waste for this wonderful album to just be forgotten. One more note -- please release some of the more experimental and daring songs off the album! Playing it safe only gets one so far.

August 10, 1997

Happy 36th Birthday to Jon Farriss!

August 1, 1997

INXS will resume their Elegantly Wasted World Tour in Chicago on August 22. The current US tour has garnered the band some of its most glowing live reviews ever. Click here to read one fan's impression of the LA Greek Theatre gig.

Everything has moved up to #7 on the MTV Latino charts!

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