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September 1997

September 27, 1997

INXS conclude their US Elegantly Wasted tour tonight in Pittsburgh. The band is strongly rumored to be hitting Australia next following a brief break, but no hard dates have yet to be announced.

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September 25, 1997

Nicolas Cage was spotted at INXS' Montreal show on Tuesday night. Michael dedicated "What You Need" and "Don't Lose Your Head" (from Cage's blockbuster Face/Off) to the actor, and also climbed up to Cage's balcony during "Time." The band plays the second of two shows tonight in Toronto, before finishing the US tour in Pittsburgh on Saturday.

Elegantly Wasted sold 1156 copies this past week, bringing the total sales to 144,122 in the United States.

September 23, 1997

Savage Garden, the Australian pop duo, won a record-breaking 10 ARIA's at last night's ceremony. Upon winning for "Best Australian Group," the band explained that success to them meant building up a body of quality work like INXS and Crowded House, and that they were far from that.

Michael Hutchence is currently talking to studios about appearing in another film, though no firm details have yet been released. I'll keep you all updated!

September 21, 1997

INXS will be on fX's BackChat program today at 5:30 PDT. (For those not in the US, fX is a cable channel owned by the Fox television network.)

September 19, 1997

INXS' show at the Beacon Theatre in New York City was a star-filled event, and featured Michael singing several times to his daughter, Tiger, with Paula looking on approvingly. Spotted at the show was Macaulay Culkin (heh), and at the glitzy after-party were Michael Stipe, Helena Christiansen, and Leonardo DiCaprio, among others. As you may beware, gossip rags have been reporting on the new romance between REM's frontman and Helena. Indeed, an eyewitness told me that it was quite unfortunate to see how formal Helena and ex-beau Hutchence acted upon seeing each other at the party... They didn't really know what to say to each other.

On the 18th, the band performed in Philadelphia. During the day, Andrew, Michael, and Kirk played four acoustic songs: Never Tear Us Apart, I'm Just A Man, Need You Tonight, and Guns In The Sky for Y100's Sonic Session (airdate TBA).

INXS continues the final dates on its 1997 US tour by playing Boston tonight, followed by shows in Connecticut, Toronto, and Montreal, with their closing show in Pittsburgh on September 27.

INXS' latest single, Searching, is set to hit UK stores on the 22nd. In Australia, the band has opted to release Don't Lose Your Head as two CD singles on September 29. Details of Part 1 have been released:

  • Don't Lose Your Head (radio edit)
  • Don't Lose Your Head (leadstation solid gold mix)
  • I'm Just A Man (live)
  • Kiss The Dirt (live)

A correction on last week's sales figures -- the current (as of 9/17) sales to date for Elegantly Wasted is 142,961, with sales of 1,243 this past week. The figure quoted last week, 147,713 was incorrect and should have read 141,718.

September 12, 1997

According to SoundScan, Elegantly Wasted scanned 1,283 units this past week, down 15.9% from last week (1,526 units). Release to date sales are at 147,713 (86% CD, 13.7 cassette), just under the current total sales of their last album, Full Moon Dirty Hearts.

September 11, 1997

Martha Troup of Entertainment Consulting Company has just been named INXS' new worldwide manager. Associated with the band since Listen Like Thieves, she has been the North American manager since the release of Elegantly Wasted.

INXS will perform live on the Buzz (105.1 FM) in New York City on Monday, September 15. Tickets for the show can only be won through the radio station.

The third single from the current album, Searching, will be released on September 22 in the UK in three different CD versions:

  • INXCD30:
    Searching (Lead Station Radio Mix)
    Searching (LP version)
    Searching (Alex Reece Drum and Bass Mix)
    Searching (Linslee Campbell R & B Mix)

  • INXD30: Searching (Lead Station Funk Workout)
    Searching (Live in Aspen '97)
    Elegantly Wasted (Live in Aspen '97)
    Need You Tonight (Live in Aspen '97)

  • INXDD30: Searching (Lead Station Main Mix)
    Searching (Bosch Mix)
    I'm Just A Man (acoustic live - Radio One, May 20, '97)
    Never Tear Us Apart (acoustic live - Radio One, May 20, '97)

September 9, 1997

INXS will perform on Y100's Sonic Session, an acoustic radio show program in Philadelphia, on September 18 for a future airing. Passes can only be won from the radio station.

September 8, 1997

INXS continue on their US tour this week, playing Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, and Myrtle Beach, before moving on to Norfolk, Wash DC, and New York City. I had an opportunity to see the band perform last week in NJ, and the show was excellent as always. Michael was wearing an ace bandage on his right foot, and though fully ambulatory, he was not quite as active on stage as he usually is. The only thing I would change would be the set-list, which seems to rely *far* too much on Kick and X. But I can't complain -- the band is as wonderful as ever!

In other news, Paul Craig, INXS' worldwide manager, sent me an email responding to my open comments to him in last month's "Latest News". Here is an excerpt:

"...I have just seen your comments directed at me on your internet site and I feel that I must clearly point out a key fact relating to America. Since April of this year Martha Troup has been the Bands North American Manager and handles everything (Press, Radio, MTV, etc) relating to these markets. The reason there was only 1 review from America was because that it is how many I have received. I can not comment about the lack of radio or MTV support but take great offence to being publicly criticised for something that is handled by another person. I would be very grateful if you could point out on your site that your comments were directed at the wrong person..." His email is fair enough, and I humbly apologize for taking his name in vain.

September 2, 1997

Michael Hutchence, bouncing back from a sprained ankle that cancelled INXS' Milwaukee gig on August 27, performed with the band in Kansas City two nights later without any visible discomfort. He did sport a cane for the first number, "Elegantly Wasted," but he tossed it aside for the rest of the energetic show. INXS will next play Tradewinds in New Jersey on Thursday the 4th; I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at the gig!

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