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October 1997

October 31, 1997

Elegantly Wasted scanned 575 units this week in the US, down 11.8% (77 units) from previous week. Sales-to-date are 147,546. Chicago (57 units), Los Angeles (43 units) and New York (29 units) were the top three markets in sales this week.

Kirk Pengilly was spotted enjoying himself last night at Blur's concert in Sydney. (Also good to see Kirk has great taste in bands!)

October 28, 1997

InMusic&Media reporting on the happenings of INXS members:

"On the eve of their first Australian dates for three years, INXS members have been popping up in the various newspapers. This week, Michael Hutchence was said to be marrying girlfriend Paula Yates in Capri in January.
Drummer Jon Farris turned up at the Dom Perignon Polo Challenge in Centennial Park, Sydney, admitting he didn't know much about the game but that it looked like a fun afternoon out. He was immediately grabbed to judge the most stylishly dressed woman at the event -- despite his initial reservations that his all-black gear was hardly dress code material. "I can't work out whether I look like I've just come in from a mammoth night out or if I'm about to go out -- but the champagne breakfast makes it easier."
Guitarist Kirk Pengilly is looking for a cheaper run-around for the new rural NSW property he bought recently. He's been checking out various cars under pseudonyms (presumably so the price doesn't triple when the buyer hears a millionaire is on his way), including one owned by a 'Who Weekly' reporter.
The tour kicks off on November 27 and lasts until December 15, taking in Bendigo, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane and Canberra. A second Melbourne show (at the Palais) was announced by Frontier Touring for Saturday November 29. The act is also doing two shows at the Sydney State Theatre on December 9 and 10."

Martha Troup, INXS' manager, has squashed the rumors that Michael and Paula will soon wed, but I think I'll wait till January to see what happens. After all, marrying in secret (thereby evading the press) is all the rage these days...

October 26, 1997

The following article was printed in today's Sunday Mail, a newspaper in Adelaide, Australia:

LONDON: INXS star Michael Hutchence will wed Paula Yates on the French Polynesian island of Bora Bora in January. Quashing rumours of a return to his supermodel ex-girlfriend, Helena Christensen, Hutchence 37, will marry Yates far away from the British Press, which has belittled her so many times. Yates, 37, who had an acrimonious divorce from punk hero Sir Bob Geldolf - the father of three of her daughters - has told friends she is overjoyed. The couple has a daughter, Tiger Lily, born in July of last year.

In other news, Elegantly Wasted scanned 652 units this week in the US, up 4.8% (30 units) from last week. Sales-to-date are 146,966. New York (59 units), Chicago (58 units), and Houston (38 units) were the top three markets in sales this week.

October 22, 1997

Molly Meldrum, one of Australia's most famous music critics, writing in Australia's TV Week:
"I was very pleased to hear that INXS were coming home, to finish their Elegantly Wasted world tour. It will be the bands first Australian shows in three years. The Lose You Head tour - celebrating 20 years together - follows sell-out shows in the U.S., Europe and South Africa. Michael Hutchence and the band are getting plenty of attention with their latest single, Don't Lose Your Head, featured in the hit movie Face/Off"

US VH-1 will replay INXS' appearance on their Hard Rock Live program on November 16. For those who missed it, set those VCR's!

October 19, 1997

Ten years ago today, the still-magnificent Kick was released. With six million copies sold in the US, over 11 million worldwide, and 4 US Top Ten singles, the album's place (and INXS' place) in history are assured -- it is easily one of the most important works of the late 80s period.

October 17, 1997

InMusic&Media reports that "Michael Hutchence's father Kelland has shown sonny-boy's not the only one who attracts headlines. He has begun an unconventional campaign to save East Circular Quay in Sydney. Last week Pa Hutchence promised he'd leap into the Harbour if anyone FOR development in the area found enough support. A John Little set up shop with a petition book and quickly scored 15 signatures. At this point, Kel began to back-pedal and claimed 1180 people had signed his petition. In any case, both parties came to their senses and decided not to go through with the dunking."

October 16, 1997

US Sales of Elegantly Wasted were 622 units scanned, down 6% (40 units) from last week. Sales-to-date are now 146,308 copies sold. Chicago, NY, and LA were the top three markets.

October 14, 1997

INXS' landmark 1987 album, Kick, has been certified sextuple platinum (six million) by the Record Industry Association of America (RIAA). Congratulations to the band on achieving this monumental milestone!

October 13, 1997

Tickets for INXS' "Lose Your Head" Australian tour went on sale today. The tour kicks off on November 25 in Wollongong.

Last week's sales of Elegantly Wasted hit an all-time low of 662 units sold, down 25.4% (225 units) from last week. Sales-to-date in the US is now 145,682. If anyone has access to sales figures in other countries, I would greatly appreciate it!

October 7, 1997

As many of you are aware, IN2XS, the official international fanclub, has closed due to "economic reasons." I'm sure I speak for everyone in expressing my sadness over its demise. Mary Woods, the incredible head of the fanclub, gave this project her undivided attention and invested hard work, effort, and time into IN2XS the likes of which I've never seen before. Thanks Mary for everything you've done for INXS fans these past few arduous years... If any of you have any concerns, comments, questions, complaints, or statements, please send them to Martha Troup, INXS' manager.

The tour dates for the Australian "Lose Your Head" Tour have been posted to Tour Information.

October 2, 1997

Sales of Elegantly Wasted continue to be quite sluggish -- the album sold under 900 copies this past week in the US, bringing total sales to date to just over 145,000 copies sold.

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