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May 1998

May 25, 1998:

The June issue of Australia's Juice magazine features a lengthy letter to the editor from Tina Hutchence thanking them for their extensive coverage.

The same issue also features an interesting interview by David LaChapelle with the members of Smashing Pumpkins on their feelings about Michael's death:

What's your take on what happened with Michael Hutchence?

Iha: No. No comment, no comment.

D'Arcy: It was sad, it was sad.

Iha: Sad, but no comment.

Can you relate to the pressures he was under?

D'Arcy: Can't relate to it at all, it's just sad. It was tragic. I used to be a huge, huge, huge fan of INXS.

Corgan: Listen, I knew Michael and he would be the last person you would think ...

D'Arcy: Absolutely.

Corgan: He seemed to enjoy life as much as anybody. It's the same thing as what we were talking about with ... I'm not saying his death is related with drugs, I'm saying you can't keep people from themselves. What people feel inside is their own business. It's not to say it's right or wrong, it's just that there has to be more support for helping people who need help as opposed to just saying [makes a slapping sound] naughty, naughty boy, you know? I hate what happened to Michael, and that suddenly people have an opinion about how he should've lived his life, or what he should've done. Where were those people when he really needed them?

D'Arcy: And what do they know what he's been through anyway? Who knows?

Corgan: And then, even better, I love how certain magazines make his death a completely unimportant event, because quote/unquote, "His band's music wasn't important enough." Well his band's music was important to a lot of people, and I hate the way our society and our value of someone is based on the popularity of their band, or whether or not they're singing about something crucially important at that particular moment. At least Michael and the other guys in INXS had the balls to go out and do something and say something, stand for something. That to me deserves a lot more credit than somebody who sits at home and throws the beer can at the TV.

An article in the Sunday Times (London) last week revealed more details on the ill-fated telephone call Michael made to Bob Geldof in the hours before his death. "Your fucking children hate you, man," Hutchence is reported to have said, "I'm their father, little man, when are you going to realise that?" The snippet of the 20-minute conversation further reveals the importance of partner Paula Yates and her children in Hutchence's life, and lends more credence to the official coroner's finding that Michael killed himself because he was depressed about the child custody battle between Yates and Geldof.

May 17, 1998:

InMusic&Media reports that Members of INXS attended last week's APRA Awards in Australia. They presented the following awards during the telecast: Most Performed Australian Work, Most Performed Australian Work Overseas, and Most Performed Foreign Work. The show was billed as the first official public appearance by the band since Michael's death in November.

May 11, 1998:

The first of six unauthorized books on Michael Hutchence and INXS has been released in Australia. Ed St. John's Burn - The Life And Times Of Michael Hutchence and INXS is now available in Aussie bookstores retailing for AU$24.95. Also being released this month is Mike Gee's Michael Hutchence - The Final Days (Omnibus).

Original paintings by Michael Hutchence and Kirk Pengilly are currently on auction at

Tim Farriss was recently spotted enjoying himself at Radiohead's concert in Sydney. Always knew he had great taste...

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