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June 1998

June 25, 1998:

Kirk Pengilly was a guest on Good News Weekend, an Australian television program on June 20th. The show is a humorous gameshow examining current media issues. At the end of the program he played the sax during the outtro song. Kirk's partner Louise Hegarty was a guest a few weeks ago.

June 22, 1998:

Happy 41st birthday to Garry Gary Beers!

Kell Hutchence, Michael's father, successfully underwent surgery this morning involving his heart and carotid arteries. Best wishes to Mr. Hutchence (affectionately known as "Daddio") on a quick recovery. He is in our prayers. If you'd like to send a card, the address to use is: PO 857 Mona Vale NSW 2103 Australia.

June 11, 1998:

On the heels of a full-page story two weeks ago in Entertainment Weekly focusing on the fallout folowing Michael's death, the July issue of Details has a much more interesting article on Michael's growing interest in films. It features quotes from Michael's costars in the upcoming Limp as well as information on Michael's character in the upcoming independent film.

June 7, 1998:

InMusic&Media reports the following update on Michael's sad estate battle:

As Australian newspapers query the fate of INXS singer Michael Hutchence's $30 million fortune, one of its executors, Colin Thomas Diamond, has told the Queensland Supreme Court he no longer wants to be involved in the division of his former friend's assets. The move comes six weeks after some of Hutchence's relatives filed legal action against Diamond and co-executor, Andrew Morrison Paul, over the removal of an estimated $25 million worth of assets from Hutchence's estate. Relatives were told in writing that assets Hutchence claimed to own, including a $1 million house on Surfers Paradise and a $1.3 million bowling alley in Sydney, were not his. Not included in the estate are his publishing rights and record royalties, his villa in the south of France where he entertained the likes of Bono and Elle Macpherson (and in which his sister Tina got married), his London house, a Gold Coast development property and a tourist development on Lombok near Bali in Indonesia.

The latest issue of Q features an interview with Nick Cave, who briefly spoke on singing at Michael's funeral:

"Australia was a very difficult tour," he winces, "difficult even beyond Michael dying. There was a lot of nonsense going on that made the whole tour difficult."

And what about singing Into My Arms at the funeral? It can't have been an easy thing to do.....

"Paula thought it was a good idea that I sing it. I was very good friends with Michael - someone with whom the last thing I'd talk about was music, but I think he liked that song a lot..."

He hesitates before answering, momentarily drifting into circumspection.

"Yes... it was very difficult to play that song at the funeral... It's one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do. It was very... difficult.... but I managed to get through it without fucking up, and I'm glad I did it."

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