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July 1998

July 29, 1998:

Two year old Tiger is enjoying herself in Australia. She is staying with her "surrogate mother", Yates' close pal, Belinda Brewin, in a high security apartment tower in the historic area of Sydney, Australia, called The Rocks. Kel Hutchence says Tiger Lily will stay in Australia for six weeks while her mother undergoes mental treatment. He says, "I'm hoping to arrange some playgroups at my home in Bellevue Hill with other children the same age. Already she complains about being inside the apartment all the time. "It is a very emotional time indeed because she will always be the living reminder of my lost son on this planet. The most important thing now, however, is that we all pull together and ensure life goes on."

July 21, 1998:

A very happy birthday to Kell Hutchence, Michael's father, known affectionately as "Daddio." Kell is currently recuperating from surgery in Sydney and is reportedly doing quite well. His grand-daughter, Tiger, celebrates her 2nd birthday tomorrow. Tiger, whose mother Paula is currently being hospitalized for depression, will arrive in Australia in a few days to spend some time with the Hutchence clan. Happy Birthday to Kell and Tiger!

July 7, 1998:

In response to Paula Yates' suicide attempt, Tim Farriss has come forward and announced that the band is working to put together a benefit show for Paula and Michael's daughter Tiger. The idea for the concert is to have such acts as U2, David Bowie, Elton John, Aretha Franklin, Nick Cave, Iggy Pop, and Tom Jones each sing a favorite INXS song.

Tim also added that INXS will reconvene in September to discuss their future. He would very much like to see the remaining five band members return to their original pre-INXS moniker. "It started as the Farriss Brothers (in 1977), it became INXS (in 1979) and I think it goes back to The Farriss Brothers - that's the way I see it. It's still essentially the same band but it was different then, and it will be different now... There could never be a replacement for Michael."

July 4, 1998:

A very happy birthday to Kirk Pengilly, who hits the big 4-0 today. Enjoy your day mate!

July 2, 1998:

Linda Plentyl, speaking with England's Daily Mail, confirmed today Paula had indeed attempted suicide earlier this week. Confirming that Yates is now receiving psychiatric treatment at the Priory Clinic in London, she said, "She had tried to do what Michael did. I feel so sorry for Paula. It's been one tragedy after another. I know she has simply not been able to come to terms with Michael's death - she was so in love with him. She feels unable to think of anything else. I'm sure this is part of the reason she tried to copy the way he took his life." Yates is expected to remain at the clinic for at least one month.

July 1, 1998:

This Is London today reports the following sad story:

"Paula Yates was recovering in a private west London clinic today after an apparent suicide attempt. She was saved by paramedics after reportedly trying to hang herself in a carbon-copy of her lover Michael Hutchence's death. It is believed Miss Yates - who has been treated for acute depression since Hutchence's death - had taken an overdose of pills. Police removed a quantity, though there is no suggestion they were illicit.

Paramedics were called to her Notting Hill home yesterday after a friend reportedly found her hanging from a bedroom door with a noose around her neck. The London Ambulance Service said she had not needed hospital treatment. The mother of four, 38, was taken to Roehampton's Priory clinic where she is receiving psychiatric help.

Friends described the apparent suicide bid as "a cry for help".

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