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August 1998

August 29, 1998:

Need You Tonight is currently featured in the new film, "How Stella Got Her Groove Back," remixed with vocals from rapper Big Punisher and dancehall-reggae artists Beenie Man in a song entitled Makes Me Sweat. Click here to purchase the soundtrack from Amazon and listen to an audio clip!

SonicNet reports that, "It may be years before the solo debut from late INXS singer Michael Hutchence is released, due to the legal wrangling that has occurred in the wake of the performer's death, according to Hutchence's longtime manager, Martha Troup."

In the wake of reports that Paula Yates has found a new beau (see article), Michael's parents have expressed outrage at her behavior. Hutchence's father, Kell, said he had been left reeling by the news which comes less than a year after his son's suicide. Speaking from his home in Sydney he said, "I am extremely upset to learn about all of this." And the rocker's mother, Patricia Glassop, who is divorced from Kell Hutchence, was upset by hearing the news through a journalist - instead of straight from the mother of her two-year-old grand- daughter, Tiger Lily. She said, "I've had enough. This is unbelievable this cuts me to the heart. She is no fit mother for my son's child. I am sickened by this."

Headlines in current newspapers are reporting that Kell is trying to gain custody of Tiger, but that has been refuted by those around him. In the meanwhile Paula and ex-heroin addict, Kingsley O'Keke, are reported to have moved into the former television presenter's West London home, cutting short her stay at the clinic.

August 16, 1998:

Happy 41st to Tim Farriss!

August 10, 1998:

Happy 37th to Jon Farriss!

August 9, 1998:

Thirteen reports that INXS musical brother Jon Farriss is the familiar face (just glimpsed) in the new Victorian Tourism commercial. Farriss plays the hero of the new James Bond-style advertising campaign in which a jetsetting damsel is pursued across Victoria by two shady secret agents. Enter Farriss in his spy-style Porche to rescue our desperate damsel and deliver her safely to a waiting speed boat. Thirteen hears the cameo performance was just that -a cameo- and in no way heralds a new career in television.

In the never-ending Michael estate saga comes this AP report:

A legal battle over the estate of rock star Michael Hutchence has begun behind closed doors in the Queensland Supreme Court in Australia, reports the Associated Press. The late INXS lead singer's mother and sister are at loggerheads with the estate's Hong Kong-based executor, Andrew Morrison Paul, over the ownership of assets held in trust. Officially, Hutchence died almost penniless when he committed suicide in his Sydney hotel room last November. But tens of millions of dollars worth of property, shares, bank accounts and income from his music is held in trust in tax havens. Hutchence's mother, Patricia Glassop, and sister, Christina Hutchence, have filed suit against the executors of his estate -- the architects of the trusts -- arguing the assets should be included in his estate and divided according to his will. An emotional Mrs. Glassop would only say, "It's for my son that I'm doing this" when she left the court Wednesday.

August 3, 1998:

IN2XS recently mailed out the catalog of official INXS tour merchandise and fankits. To receive one, for US residents, please send a SASE (regular business #10 envelope with a 32 cent stamp). If you're outside the US, send one IRC (International Reply Coupon - available at your post office) to the following address: IN2XS, PO Box 460207, San Francisco, CA 94146 USA.

August 1, 1998:

A close friend of Michael's father, Kell, has sent the following update for fans: "Kell and Susie had a delightful night out on 30th July with little Tiger. They attended a performance of the Moscow State Circus. Little Tiger laughed and giggled with delight as a proud and grateful Grand Daddio held his little treasure on his knee. This next day Kell was in bed again with a bad case of bronchitis from the cold beaches in the Ozzie winter. "She is so much like my Michael," Kell said. " I have had a wonderful time but may be just overdoing it a bit. I need to slow up a bit and wait until I am more fully recovered."

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