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October 1998

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October 31, 1998:

An interesting article appears today at JamTV discussing the tribute plans for Michael Hutchence. Unfortunately, most of the article is untrue, and though several quotes are attributed to Kell Hutchence and family friend Dennis Ian Patterson, they are gross misrepresentations of the truth. The band is not planning on attending the Sydney memorial service or any Hard Rock Cafe, contrary to what this article states.

On the Paula front, the Sydney Morning Herald has confirmed that Yates lost custody of her three children with Bob Geldof to her ex-husband in June. This perhaps explains her ill-fated suicide attempt that shortly followed. In addition, Kelland Hutchence has dropped his attempts to gain custody of Paula and Michael's two year old, Tiger.

October 21, 1998:

INXS emerged last week to sign the Amnesty International Universal Declaration of Human Rights registry. The band spoke with MTV Australia about the importance of human rights in their first joint interview since December 1997.

Recently, Bruce Fairbairn (Producer of Elegantly Wasted) was on a Canadian TV program called "Gabereau Live" to promote the new KISS album "Psycho Circus". He spoke of INXS during the interview; here are some excerpts:

GABEREAU: Bruce Fairbairn. Big-time record producer. Now, not so long ago, I guess the last time I saw you, you were in the middle of producing INXS and then they had had this terrible disaster with lead singer [Michael] committing suicide...

BRUCE: Yeah. It's a tragedy.

GABEREAU: Yeah, that must have been awful hard for everybody concerned. I mean, what was wrong with that guy?

BRUCE: Nothing that you would know. I mean, he was [a] very talented musician, songwriter, personable guy. He'd had some trouble with his love life off and on... as we...

GABEREAU: He's not alone!

BRUCE: That's it exactly. So, it really shocked everybody, especially the guys in his band. I mean, who would have thought... and it was very unexpected and everybody was just really shocked with the whole situation.

GABEREAU: What happens to a band like that, that is driven by him, really. I mean, he was the guy that made the sound of that band, really.

BRUCE: Yup. All of a sudden you have the guys in the band sitting there and their whole life is turned upside-down: economically, artistically... everything changes when you lose a guy like Michael Hutchence in front of the band. You're not the same band anymore and, you know, you sit there and look at it, you look at your life, and you think: well, I've got a band, it's a good band, it can go on, you know, for quite a time. But all of a sudden it ends. And he's the kind of guy when you pull him out of the line-up, it's just not the same. It's not like...

GABEREAU: ...just another band...

BRUCE: ...losing another guitar player...

GABEREAU: That's right. Well, or the Rolling Stones. When they lost Brian, I mean, already they were so established with Mick -- if it had been Mick it would have been over.

BRUCE: Yeah. Exactly. So, the guys, I understand, they're regrouping. They're gonna be called the Farriss Brothers... out of Australia. And we'll just have to wait and see.

GABEREAU: And will you produce their album, probably?

BRUCE: I don't know. I haven't even talked to them for a couple of months. You know, we talked a lot when this was all going down. But, since then, I think they're just trying to get organized again.

(Interview transcribed by Jay Rawding)

October 11, 1998:

The following information comes from two Message Board users:
A thirty-minute special on INXS will be shown on Granada TV in the UK on Tuesday October 13th at 00:35 on the Planet Rock Profiles program. In addition, MTV Europe will show an INXS performance on the "MTV Live" program today at 2200 CET.

October 4, 1998:

Paula Yates and daughter Tiger Lily joined the thousands of fans at a recent Spice Girls concert - and thought it was just su-purrb. The two year old - in a "cat" coat complete with ears - was thrilled to be taken to the sell-out gig on Sunday night. Fan Sarah Bennet, 19, from Southampton said: "The toddler giggled as Paula bounced her on her knee in time to the music. They were both loving it." Paula, 38, and Tiger also heard the Girls' rubbish rumours that they were splitting at the Wembley gig. (Transcribed by Tace Dorris from The Sun, 9/24/98)

Tim was on Sydney's current affairs show Today Tonight last week (Tues 29th September.) He was interviewed about some music he has written for an ad for the Sydney Basketball team The Razorbacks. They also showed a couple shots of Tim shooting hoops at home.

In Australia, INXS The Greatest Hits album has climbed up to No.80 in the ARIA charts (dated 4th October 1998) The album has been in the charts for a total of 61 weeks, and is certified double platinum.

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