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December 1998

December 23, 1998:

The following story appeared in this week's Womens Day: "It may not be long before fans of the late INXS singer Michael Hutchence can see him at their local cinema. Hush-hush plans are underway for a movie to be made documenting the fascinating history of Michael and the band. The Sydney film-makers are keen to keep the details quiet, but already at least one high-profile Aussie actor is keen to be involved." (thanks to vicky prowse)

December 16, 1998:

The band is "thinking" of creating a double CD-ROM with unreleased footage, etc. The people putting it together would be the same company that created the award-winning 'Real Wild Child' Australian music CD-ROM. The band is also currently working on putting together an album of unreleased material from the vaults. Songs under consideration for inclusion stretch as far back as the Listen Like Thieves sessions. In addition, the band has re-recorded an old '80s B-sides for possible inclusion on a future album.

Tim Farriss is putting the finishing touches on his ten-year-in-waiting film project Fish In Space. Tim is adding in an extra bit to explain why he looks different now (as the project was mostly filmed over ten years ago!) and to just update it. One of Tim's solo projects from 1998, the basketball song "Nothin' Better" has been released as a CD-ROM. The tracks are: Nothin' Better (video), Nothin' Better (audio track), and Nothin' Better (Slam Duncan Dance Mix). This cd is unfortunately not available in stores; the only place to get it is from NBL basketball matches in Australia. (thanks to matthew marsland)

December 6, 1998:

An article appearing in this week's InMusic&Media states that the legal entanglements surrounding Michael's solo album have mostly been resolved, and that the solo project should be released sometime around June 1999. The article, written by biographer Vincent Lovegrove, also contains the following statement from INXS manager Martha Troup: "We have a new solo album for Michael coming out next year, and the new INXS album with new tracks, and maybe then we'll organise a tribute concert. But right now is not the time."

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