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January 1999

January 28, 1999:

Tim Farriss made an appearance on Australia's Network 10 program 'Sports Tonight' on the evening of January 26. He was attending a social cricket day at Gordon Cricket Club (Chatswood Oval on Sydney's North Shore). He actually played in the match which was to honour veteran NSW cricketer Phil Emery. Tim, in a quick comment to the reporter, referred to the cricket oval when he said (sic): "Performing on that stage out there is quite different to the stage I am used to performing on". (thanks to vince)

Adelaide's Triple M recently counted down their Top 104 albums of all-time. Kick was #71, and the ground-breaking The Swing finished at an amazing #5! The only albums to rate higher than The Swing were albums by the Beatles, Cold Chisel, Led Zeppelin, and The Eagles. (thanks to bruno andrighetto)

Sydney's Triple M just completed a massive run-down of the Top 1001 songs of all-time. INXS charted an amazing 22 times! Here are the tracks that made the list: The Swing (997), Burn For You (965), New Sensation (942), By My Side (891), Need You Tonight (842), I Send A Message (793), Just Keep Walking (746), Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain) (703), Stay Young (655), What You Need (605), The One Thing (568), To Look At You (513), Black And White (444), Kick (396), Original Sin (357), Dancing On The Jetty (311), Devil Inside (269), Never Tear Us Apart (180), Listen Like Thieves (136), The Loved One (87), Don't Change (64), and Good Times (35). The full listing is available at Triple M's Sydney site.

The website Rock n World has published its survey of the Top 100 all-time albums as voted for by the public. Elegantly Wasted finished at #96 with 2,110 votes, while Kick placed at #15 with an amazing 16,012 votes. (thanks to karen gerard)

KFOG 104.7 in San Francisco named Elegantly Wasted the 94th best album of 1998 during its 1998 Year In Your Ear Weekend. Never mind that the album was released in April 1997 -- it's just great to see Elegantly Wasted still making year-end countdowns! (thanks to jenny mohler)

January 24, 1999:

INXS' Greatest Hits was the 71st biggest seller of 1998 in Australia according to the ARIA charts.

January 22, 1999:

A very happy birthday to INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence, who would have turned 39 today.

January 20, 1999:

Kell Hutchence will spend Michael's upcoming birthday mainly in solitude with his wife Susie. At sunset Kell and Dennis Patterson will meet fans on the foreshores of Rose Bay, Sydney Harbour, near to where Michael's ashes were scattered this time last year. Mario and Jacky Ferrari from Switzerland, and Diane Dufais from The Netherlands are just some of the fans that have come in from overseas to celebrate Michael's memory. A gathering organized by fans will also take place at Sydney's Hard Rock Cafe. The band will remember Michael in private. (thanks to dennis patterson)

January 18, 1999:

As Michael's 39th birthday approaches on the 22nd, fans around the world are getting ready for get-togethers to celebrate his memory. For a complete listing, please visit Stazya's excellent Michael's Annual Global Birthday Bash and INXS Celebration '99 page for more details (link down).

January 7, 1999:

Virgin Radio in the UK recently counted down their Top 500 songs of all-time. INXS appears four times on the chart: "Never Tear Us Apart" (389), "Need You Tonight" (249), "Mystify" (102), and "New Sensation" (79). The complete list is available at Virgin's website.

The site also contains a 30 second clip of INXS performing "What You Need" acoustically in 1997 at the Virgin Radio Studios in London. A live version of "Crazy You," a song that Andrew Farriss produced for the Scottish band Gun in 1997, is also available at Virgin's site.

January 6, 1999:

The following article appeared in yesterday's The Sleaze:

Australian heartthrob Russell Crowe, is being tipped to take the lead role in a new biopic about the life of late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence. The LA Confidential star, who fronts his own rock group Thirty Odd Foot of Grunt, has been offered the role by producers of the movie. Apparently the film will trace the lives of all six band members from their humble beginnings as a bar band to the pinnacle of their success in the late eighties with the hit album KICK. One production source says, "It will be the group's entire history and about how they conquered the world after slogging their guts out for years. It won't all be pretty. It'll have all the sex, drugs and hard times too." [I have it on good authority that this report in The Sleaze is not true. Russell Crowe is not going to portray Michael in an upcoming film - ed.]

January 3, 1999:

Happy New Year! 1999 looks to be a very busy year for INXS. On the horizon are a new album by INXS, a solo album from Michael Hutchence, two more Michael biographies, a possible INXS documentary film, and much more. Let's hope it's a year to remember!

Thanks to all who voted in December's poll of "What is your favorite solo Michael Hutchence song?" The winner with 135 votes is Rooms For The Memory from the Dogs In Space soundtrack. Right behind it was Michael's version of Iggy Pop's The Passenger which appeared on the Batman Forever soundtrack.

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