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February 1999

V2 Records Press Release, February 3, 1999

February 21, 1999:

Tim Farriss and Jon Farriss will NOT be at the Steve Hands benefit at Selinas on the 25th or at the Metro gig on the 26th in support of Ark Australia, an environmental lobby group. There was a possibility a few weeks ago, but apparently personal and family commitments have prevented that from happening. Garry Gary Beers is still tentatively scheduled to perform at both gigs with Richard Clapton.

Rhett and Mandy Hutchence are the proud parents of a new baby girl, born last week in Byron Bay, Australia. Kell, the proud grandfather, is visiting with the family for this happy occasion. At this time, a name is still being chosen.

Triple M in Australia just counted down their Top 200 songs of the 1980's. INXS scored with an amazing 13 songs: The One Thing (196), The Swing (182), I Send A Message (170), Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain) (155), Devil Inside (143), To Look At You (132), Kick (115), Original Sin (99), What You Need (81), Good Times (65), Dancing On The Jetty (48), Listen Like Thieves (36), and Don't Change (25). And yes, I also find it bizarre that major hits like Need You Tonight and Never Tear Us Apart didn't make this countdown!

February 15, 1999:

The Melbourne Herald-Sun is reporting that a big line-up of rock talent will gather for a benefit concert to help noted music industry figure Steve Hands, who is battling cancer. Friend David Paul said Hands has helped many rock artists rise to the top. "He particularly looked after Cold Chisel in their early days and often took them out to dinner when they were broke," he said. Cold Chisel - who re-formed recently for an album and tour - will headline the gig at Selina's nightclub in Sydney on Thursday, February 25. Members of INXS may appear at the benefit show, though the band's involvement is not confirmed at present. (thanks to matthew marsland)

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February 14, 1999:

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ongoing investigations into the whereabouts of Michael Hutchence's estate millions took a strange turn yesterday when Australian newspapers reported a possible tie between the estate and the mafia. Check out the latest articles on the subject.

February 5, 1999:

V2 Records, a subsidiary of Virgin Records, has announced that it will release Michael Hutchence's long-awaited solo album in mid-1999. Though the track listing, release date, and album title are all still tentative, V2 spokesperson Sandy Sawotka has assured that the album will be released worldwide this year. "I am extremely happy that Michael's solo album finally will be released," Michael's manager Martha Troup said in the V2 press release. "The album meant a great deal to him, and I personally see it as a looking glass into Michael's soul. Some of the material was recorded a matter of days before his death and the album is his final legacy to us." Michael's father Kell added, "It'll be fulfilling Michael's greatest wish. He's been working on this album for probably three to four years and I heard a little bit of it and I think it will be a wonderful thing in the memory of Michael." The label will also be re-releasing Max Q, the brilliant solo album Michael recorded with Aussie punk Ollie Olsen in 1989.

February 2, 1999:

The Hutchence family has given up its bid to gain custody of Tiger Lily away from Paula Yates, the Daily Telegraph reported yesterday. Kell Hutchence said, "It's all in the past now as far as I am concerned." The full article is available here.

3SAT, a German television channel, will broadcast a portion of INXS' landmark concert video Live Baby Live on February 6 from 13:15 - 14.00 CET. (thanks to andrea mueller)

February 1, 1999:

New Idea, an Australian weekly, has a mention of the film Limp in next week's issue. Apparently, Limp is under consideration for screening at the Cannes Film Festival in May. The feature was written and produced by Duane Lavold, who first gained attention for the 1997 short Loafing. The long-delayed Canadian indie film features a cameo by Michael Hutchence as a jaded A&R man named Clive, and the soundtrack to the film may also include two previously unreleased solo songs.

Veronica, a Dutch television channel, will rebroadcast INXS' 1997 "Hard Rock Live" performance on February 4 from 23.50 - 00.45 CET. The channel is available to those in Holland, Belgium, and parts of Germany. (thanks to hedy pokorni)

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