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March 1999

March 28, 1999:

UK's Daily Mail recently featured an in-depth article on Michael's ex-lover Helena Christensen. In a tearful interview, she discusses why she feels he didn't knowingly commit suicide. "I can only think what happened was one of those things where you suffer emotionally and everything crashes in on you. You become so enraged, you want to inflict pain on yourself, the way some people cut themselves. With Michael I think it was like, 'Oh God I'm so sick and tired of this, I want the physical pain to be greater than what I feel inside.' And then fate meant it became more than that. The pain was stopped forever."

She also tells how Michael was the first person close to her that she'd lost apart from her great-grand parents. Not able to come to terms with his death, she says she couldn't even cry at first and could only feel "Goddamit, why?" According to Christensen, he still had so much in him and knows he wouldn't have wanted to leave his child. She also mentioned that she dreams about him once in a while: "At first he was sad but now he's really cheeky and flirtatious saying things like 'You haven't changed a bit have you.'" Five days before his death she says they had one of the best conversations they'd had since they broke up. He seemed happy and content. She also still speaks with Michael's dad and his wife, and their families have become really good friends. (thanks to alaina henderson)

Musicians and fans alike gathered at Sound Republic in London last week for the celebrity "Hits Under The Hammer" auction held to benefit Norwood Ravenswood and Nordoff Robins Music Therapy. A Fender Jaguar electric guitar owned by Andrew Farriss and his handwritten lyrics to Baby Don't Cry sold for over $3200, beating the pre-auction estimates. For more information on the auction, please visit Interactive Collector.

March 27, 1999:

Happy 40th Birthday to Andrew Farriss!

March 26, 1999:

Media Release, March 29, 1999

Details will be announced in the coming months of exciting new projects involving INXS.

In the wake of these upcoming plans, INXS have redefined their relationship with New York based manager and long-time friend Martha Troup, and as such, Martha will cease working as the bands manager for the immediate future. INXS and Martha remain good friends and may join forces again in the future.

The members of INXS have been working hard on these new projects, and during the past few months have been finalizing relevant details. The band remain in close contact and are totally committed to the new projects, which will be released within the next twelve months. A full announcement will be made in the near future - no further information is available at this time.

March 24, 1999:

As previously reported, a stunning canvas-size photograph of Michael Hutchence has been added to the permanent collection of Australia's National Portrait Gallery. Click here to view Harry Borden's "sensitive and evocative" photograph. (thanks to bruno andrighetto)

On a related note, there is a photograph of Michael at the Akron Art Museum in Akron, OH. A Cleveland photographer, Janet Macoska, has photographs of several rockstars including Michael at the museum. (thanks to mary ann dembowski)

Two new albums contain acknowledgements to INXS members. Remixer Paul Oakenfold thanks Michael on his current record Tranceport. Oakenfold was responsible for the wonderful Milk Mix of "Suicide Blonde" back in 1990. In addition, Australia's Silverchair thanks Garry and Jodie Beers on their current CD Neon Ballroom. The teenage trio recorded the album at Garry's studio last year with producer Nick Launay (The Swing). (thanks to robert tefft, deirdre jennette, and kimberly blessing)

March 17, 1999:

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Volunteers are being sought to assist with the candidacy of Kelland Hutchence in his quest for a seat in the New South Wales Upper House. Anyone sympathetic to Kell's crusade on Suicide Prevention and Hard Drugs is encouraged to help either by voting or assisting with leaflet distribution at the polling booths. Please contact Ian at for more details.

Paula Yates and Tiger Lily were recently spotted at a Paris fashion show. According to the Sunday Telegraph, Yates was in her usual, mischievous mood and showed off her daughter - dressed in Baby Dinnigan lace dress and knicker, black patent leather shoes and wearing a pair of her late father's sunglasses. Reporter Melissa Hoyer overheard the following snippet of conversation: "Tiger is accepting an award on behalf of her father [Michael Hutchence] at the Cannes Film Festival next month... Her 'date' is Johnny Depp, so with her wearing a beaded Dinnigan dress and Johnny Depp on her arm, she can't go wrong!" (thanks to donna b)

March 11, 1999:

Kelland Hutchence, the father of INXS singer Michael Hutchence who committed suicide in 1997, is to stand for the New South Wales Upper House. Mr Hutchence has joined the Speranza public health ticket - formed to provide an alternative view on drugs, suicide and community health issues. A strong supporter of capital punishment, Mr Hutchence issued a statement saying he would like to help families avoid the same emotional devastation he endured after the loss of his son. (thanks to karen lobb)

March 8, 1999:

Michael Hutchence, Nick Cave, and Kylie Minoque have taken their place alongside Australia's leading politicians, civic leaders and sporting greats in the country's new National Portrait Gallery. Prime Minister John Howard officially opened the new gallery on March 4, which has commissioned artists to paint pictures of hundreds of famous faces from down under. The portrait of Hutchence has already been completed, but artists are busy putting the final touches to portraits of Cave and Minogue. A gallery spokeswoman says, "It's been in the planning stages for a long time but it's only fitting that Australia now has a gallery to honour those who have contributed to their country." (thanks to nick doko)

March 6, 1999:

ZDF, a German TV station, will broadcast a "Pop-Galerie" special on INXS tomorrow from 02.30-03.25 CET. (thanks to thomas keidel)

VH-1 (UK and Ireland) are repeating their INXS Uncut program on March 24th at 22.30 as part of their best of VH-1 live weekend. (thanks to julia macdonald)

March 3, 1999:

Rhett's new baby girl has been officially named Sophia Rose Hutchence. (thanks to maria)

INXS' US sales continue to be nothing short of dismal. Elegantly Wasted's cumulative sales-to-date now stands at 170,467 copies sold. 63 units were sold this week, with the top markets being Los Angeles (13), San Francisco (8), and Chicago (4). Full Moon Dirty Hearts is selling even worse, with only 10 units sold this past week, bringing the sales-to-date to 149,555 copies sold. (thanks to jackie fuhrmann)

March 1, 1999:

Over 170 original lyric sheets by various musicians are being auctioned on March 22 at the Sound Republic in London's Leicester Square. The auction is being held to raise money for Norwood Ravenswood and Nordoff Robins Music Therapy, two charitable organizations in England. INXS' Andrew Farriss has donated Baby Don't Cry to the auction. The lyrics are in black ink on two pages, and have been signed by Andrew. Also included in the lot is a Fender Jaguar electric guitar, serial number L65291, sunburst finish with tortoiseshell pickguard, as used by Farriss, in flight case. The pre-auction estimate for this lot is 1200-1800. To submit an absentee bid in this auction, please print and fill out this form and follow its directions to send it to Sound Republic. For more information on the auction, please visit Interactive Collector.

Several music polls are currently being conducted on the internet to determine the century's greatest musical achievements. INXS is severely under-represented (big surprise), so it's up to us fans to ensure the band receives the attention and recognition it deserves. Please visit Music Of The Millenium and Muze and vote for INXS! Both sites enter participants in drawings for free music.

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