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April 1999

April 23, 1999:

Addendum to previous story: Earlier today (Friday, April 23), Paula Yates' bid to halt the publication of Lovegrove's book in Australia was thrown out of court. After a six-hour hearing, the Australian judge ruled that he saw no reason why the book should not be published and ruled that Yates did not have a case, clearing the way for the book's release. What effect the Australian ruling has on the UK release remains to be seen.

From The Sydney Morning Herald:

The publisher of the latest biography of INXS singer Michael Hutchence may find itself in court today trying to fend off the efforts of Hutchence's last girlfriend, Paula Yates. Yates has threatened an injunction on the book by Vincent Lovegrove, Michael Hutchence: A Tragic Rock 'N' Roll Story - A Definitive Biography, which was published earlier this week, claiming a section of the book defames her. It is understood that the matter may come before Justice Levine today, though late yesterday the local publisher, Allen & Unwin, was still hopeful some arrangement could be reached with Yates's lawyers. Her action is being taken simultaneously in the UK and Australia, although the book the UK rights for which have been sold by Allen & Unwin has not yet been published in the UK. The passage which is believed to have offended Yates is one sentence referring to questions over the IVF treatment Yates underwent. If her action is successful Yates theoretically could force the books withdrawal until the offending passage is removed. Yesterday the book's publisher, Sophie Cunningham, would only say, "We feel confident that we've been really respectful and careful." (thanks to jennie mohler)

April 18, 1999:

Sydney's Sun-Herald is reporting that Tim Farriss will turn out for the Manly Cricket Club this summer. He revealed his plans to friends last week and is going to use his association with NSW cricketers Brad McNamara, Shane Lee, and Gavin Robertson to further hone his cricket abilities.

The newspaper also reports that Paula Yates is close to signing a contract which will put her on prime-time Australia TV in a weekend interview show that will tap her network of international show-biz contacts. It will mean Yates, who has been involved in disputes with members of the Hutchence family for months over daughter Tiger Lily, will spend more time in Australia. She is continuing a separate legal battle to try to obtain a special payment from the INXS frontman's multi-million dollar fortune for Tiger Lily, claiming the 18-month-old toddler has so far received nothing because litigation has frozen the money. In addition, commenting on INXS biographer Vincent Lovegrove's description of Yates as a "whore from hell," Yates said, "Any author who has to call a mother of four a whore from hell either has a little vocabulary or his work is so lacking, he needed some added hype." (thanks to angus ted)

In other INXS news, Kirk and Tim are scheduled to appear on Australia's new television program All Star Squares this week on Channel 7. (thanks to matthew marsland)

April 17, 1999:

Xpressway Management has issued the following statement regarding Vincent Lovegrove's forthcoming book:

"The members of INXS would like to thank all of their loyal fans for the support and patience they have shown during this difficult period. We would just like to make it clear to all of you, that as a band we did not authorize or endorse the book that is about to be released."

April 13, 1999:

As the millenium approaches, it's time for the definitive poll of the "Top INXS Songs of All-Time." This is a completely fan-based exercise, so your input is absolutely necessary! Please email a list of your top 10 INXS songs to as soon as possible. The polls will close in June unless we're under 200 entries, in which case the polling will continue.

INXS added perennial #1 "Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)" to 1997 set lists as a direct result of a past poll on the INXS Email List, which will also be participating in this definitive polling.

Some quick rules: only ten songs can be submitted, and they must be in numeric order with #1 being your favorite INXS song of all-time. Remixes and live versions are not allowed, and "Need You Tonight/Mediate" is not a choice (they are two separate songs!) B-sides, album tracks, and soundtrack cuts are all fair game. Good luck choosing your favorites!

April 1, 1999:

In an interview with Jam! Showbiz (Canada) conducted yesterday, Martha Troup has revealed that INXS have reconvened to compile a best-of album that will include as many as four previously unreleased songs. "They've worked on about 12 tracks that have never been released, and hopefully a best-of will be out by the end of the year with two to four new tracks." The unreleased material will be drawn from the past five to six years, says Troup. One of the tracks that may be included on the best-of is "Salvation Jane," which was originally recorded for 1990's multi-platinum X. After being left off that album, Andrew allowed Jenny Morris to record the song for her 1995 album of the same name. According to Troup, "When (INXS) made an album, they never recorded just 10 or 11 songs, they did 15 or 20. And honestly? I think at least three of the unreleased songs they've been working on should've been on one of the albums." Troup adds that the band isn't thinking beyond the release of the compilation album, and that each of the members is working on individual projects, ranging from commercials and soundtracks to non-musical pursuits. As for the posthumous solo album by Michael Hutchence -- the INXS frontman who died on Nov. 22, 1997 -- Troup says it's still "a couple of months" away from completion. Once scheduled for mid-May, it has been taken off the release schedule, according to a spokesperson for V2 Records. A reissue of Hutchence's 1989 project Max Q is expected to be released around the same time as the solo album. It will not contain any additional material, Troup said. (thanks to dave moran)

Several music polls are currently being conducted on the internet to determine the century's greatest musical achievements. INXS is severely under-represented (big surprise), so it's up to us fans to ensure the band receives the attention and recognition it deserves. Please visit Music Of The Millenium and Muze and vote for INXS! Both sites enter participants in drawings for free music.

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