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August 1999

August 29, 1999:

Today's Sunday Telegraph sheds more light on the forthcoming Hutchence solo disc. The cover features a black and white photograph of Michael by noted celebrity photography Herb Ritts. In addition, the article mentions that UK jungle king Goldie has also contributed to the project. A limited-edition, silver-embossed version of the album will be available in Australia for its initial release, and the first single will be released on September 27. Click here to read the full article.

August 26, 1999:

The New York Times has a report on Michael Hutchence's forthcoming October solo album. New information includes the news that Bono from U2 apparently contributed vocals to one of the songs that may make the album. In addition, the article states: "In a departure from the more libidinous upbeat pop of INXS, this album is much darker and more introspective, with an undercurrent of contemporary electronic dance music replacing the shiny funk overlay of INXS. At times, Hutchence's voice seems to speak from the moment of death, with the chorus of 'just keep breathing' or 'I just want to slide away and come alive again.' "The record was essentially done before he died," [producer Danny] Saber said, brandishing a final mix of the record in his hands. "People will hear it and know it's for real." (thanks to karen gerard)

Rolling Stone reports that urban pop R&B rocker Maxwell is performing a "funkified" cover of "Need You Tonight" during his current "Live 99" Summer US Tour.

The controversy from Paula Yates' continuing allegations of autoerotic asphyxiation as the cause of Michael's death continues to grow. MTV Online gives a wrap-up of the current battles between Yates and the Hutchence family, and also includes more information on Michael's solo release.

August 16, 1999:

Happy Birthday to Tim Farriss, who turns 42 today! Congratulations!

August 15, 1999:

The results of the millenium poll have finally been released! Never Tear Us Apart is the deserved runaway winner, amassing nearly 2000 points in its run to the top. Click here to check out the Top Ten Favorite INXS Songs Of All-Time!

August 14, 1999:

Rolling Stone Online reports that rumors of a legal duel between the family of Michael Hutchence and the remaining members of INXS are completely false. In addition, the article states that, "The two sides will work in conjunction on a TV documentary, tentatively titled The Journey, that will use home videos, previously unreleased footage and interviews to detail the group's two-decade reign. [INXS lawyer] Bill Leibowitz says the documentary is being financed by an Australian film company that will look to distribute it worldwide some time next year, possibly on cable TV or in art-house theaters in the U.S. Additionally, the release of a coffee-table book of rare and private photos of the band and a final INXS album featuring Hutchence will be timed to coincide with the release of the documentary. Thus far, distribution deals have not been secured for either the book or album." Click here to read the full article. (thanks to john lundin)

August 11, 1999:

Addicted to Noise has posted a revealing look at Michael Hutchence's forthcoming solo record. Danny Saber previewed eight of the tracks he has worked on to the article's author.

The re-release of the Max Q album in October will be an "enhanced" CD with multimedia extras including the Max Q videos.

August 10, 1999:

Happy Birthday to Jon Farriss, who turns 38 today!

From Q Magazine Online: Paula Yates continues to contest claims that lover Michael Hutchence committed suicide in a new British documentary. In Excess: The Death of Michael Hutchence (Channel Four, 17 Aug) will feature Yates and Hutchence's brother Rhett discussing evidence which was never made public at the official hearing into the INXS frontman's death. Both persist that Hutchence did not take his own life but died accidentally during an attempt to play out a sexual fantasy. As well as talking about Hutchence's death, Yates (whose recent relationship with Finlay Quaye featured heavily in the tabloids) speaks frankly about the couple's sex life and her lover's attitude towards fatherhood. Hutchence father Kell also appears on the documentary, declaring that Hutchence was a victim of his rock'n'roll lifestyle and is convinced that his son committed suicide. The speculation surrounding Hutchence's death and a series of legal complications have seriously delayed the release of the solo album recorded by Hutchence a week before his death in November 1997. V2 will finally release the album in October. (thanks to sue morley and graham wood)

According to today's Daily Telegraph, the family of Michael Hutchence has launched legal action against fellow INXS band members to search for royalties they claim are part of up to $25 million missing from the dead singer's estate. Please click here to read the full article. (thanks to gail warren)

Kell Hutchence lashed out at the article this evening, telling ABC Radio, "I think the Telegraph story is just a load of rubbish, this accusation that they (Kell's ex-wife and stepdaughter) are suing the other members of INXS is totally inaccurate and it is out of context totally." Click here to read the AP article on Mr. Hutchence's comments. (thanks to gail warren)

August 3, 1999:

An exclusive interview with Terence Trent D'Arby has been posted at Though many topics are discussed, D'Arby only refers to INXS on one occasion in response to the following question: "Did playing with INXS make you want to start performing again regularly?" His reply is available in Real Audio by clicking here. Best of all, the site contains a 30 second clip of D'Arby performing "Never Tear Us Apart" from the Stadium Australia show in June. (thanks to stacy ambler)

Michael Hutchence's solo effort will be released by V2 Records on October 19 in the United States. The album will be available in Australia one week earlier on October 11, and in the UK on October 18.

August 1, 1999:

Updates of will now recommence. Though discussions with INXS' management team are ongoing, I feel it is important to continue to keep INXS fans abreast of current news and happenings. For those unaware of management's actions and the response by the fan community, the INXS List archives for July 1999 are available at A July 18 posting outlines my position on these issues. Your continued support, understanding, and patience are greatly appreciated at this time.

Bono has written a song in memory of Michael Hutchence which will be included on U2's next album, currently in the remix phase in Dublin. The album is expected early next year. Bono and Hutchence became pals in the late 80s when the pair bought neighbouring villas in the South of France. Bono was reportedly devastated when he got the news of Hutchence's suicide.

Triple M Radio in Australia counted down their Top 104 acts of all-time last week, with INXS finishing at #66. (thanks to michael talon)

The German 'Rockpalast' music show is broadcasting part of INXS' Loreley concert (June 1997) on Friday August 6th on channel 3Sat from 14:00-14:45 CET. (thanks to richard davis)

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