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September 1999

September 29, 1999:

V2 Records has officially launched their official Michael Hutchence website at It's a fantastic tribute to Australia's greatest entertainer, and well worth a visit. Included are rare photos, news, audio/video clips from the new album, and much more.

Triple M (Australia) is airing a one hour radio special on Michael Hutchence's self-titled new album on Sunday (3rd Oct) The special is at 5pm Australian time, and features nine tracks from the album including "Slide Away" featuring Bono. Host Lee Simon also speaks with album producers Andy Gill and Danny Saber and Hutchence's father, Kell. (thanks to peter driver)

September 28, 1999:

Wenn Entertainment reports: "U2 front man Bono is still grieving for his dead pal Michael Hutchence - the former singer with Australian rockers INXS. The ONE hitmaker claims he still finds it hard to deal with the singer's death. He says, "I can't find the words to describe what I feel because I haven't yet solved how I feel about it. Sometimes I feel rage or I feel sad or guilty." The superstar was actually on tour in America with U2 when he learned of the death of the SUICIDE BLONDE singer. Bono says, "He was sweet and defenseless, almost like a kid. I find it hard to accept that he may have been suffering and we couldn't help him." The rock stars were both neighbours in the south of France, where they owned holiday homes. Bono adds, "He was a nice guy to be around. He was light, whereas I don't think I'm the easiest person to be around. We balanced each other out." (thanks to nick doko)

From InMusic&Media: Louise Hegarty has joined new Internet radio station Digital One as an announcer and presenter. Hegarty's new boss, Chris Murphy, used to manage her husband Kirk Pengilly's band INXS.

Jimmy Barnes was presented with a special award for his lifetime association with national commercial stations at the radio industry RAWARDS awards held in Canberra on Saturday September 11. The award comes just as Barnes releases a new single "Love & Hate" on October 11 from his forthcoming album produced by INXS drummer Jon Farris and Mark Opitz. Barnes is currently road-testing the material along the NSW and Queensland coasts. (thanks to kerry bergh)

The legendary Richard Clapton has been named the 1999 Hall of Fame inductee for this year's ARIA Awards in Australia. Clapton, an early influence on INXS, produced the band's second LP Underneath the Colours and went on to have numerous collaborations with INXS members. (thanks to kel)

Triple J Radio (Australia) is counting down the internet's Top 50 songs of the 1980's. Click here to vote for your favorite classic INXS tracks! (thanks to irene cange)

September 22, 1999:

V2 Records has announced it will release "Let The People Talk", a Michael Hutchence song not included on the forthcoming album, over the internet. "Let The People Talk", as with all tracks featured on the album, provides an insightful look into Michael's life. The track is about Michael's relationship with the media. It will be available as a download and a stream in the MP3 and MS Audio formats for a period of 10 days from Oct 18.

V2 Records Press Release: The first single, "A Straight Line," received its world premiere on Australian radio on Monday September 13, gaining immediate massive radio airplay, and becoming the #1 most added record in Australia w/c September 20. The single is released commercially on September 27, and will be backed by another new track "Standing On The Rooftop" (not featured on the album), and a cover of the Iggy Pop track "The Passenger," originally recorded in 1995 with Tim Simenon for the Batman Forever soundtrack. A video for "A Straight Line" has been completed by US director SA Baron (Whitney Houston, Public Enemy) and will premiere on Australian television on September 25.

V2 has also confirmed that Michael's solo album will be released October 11 in Australia, New Zealand & Japan, October 18 in Europe and Asia, and February 2000 in North America. For those in the US eager to hear the new album, here are two more options besides the link below: 1) contact Kylie at - she's an INXS fan for many years who now runs a CD store in Australia, and 2) pre-order from the always reputable Greg's Music World located at

September 19, 1999:

Though the US release date of Michael Hutchence is still fluctuating, you can now pre-order the import CD from

Michael's earlier side project Max Q has been digitally remastered and will be re-released in Australia in late November, according to V2 Records. Included on the disc will be multimedia videos and all-new artwork. No word yet on whether the album will also be re-released outside Australia.

September 15, 1999:

There are currently two websites with clips available from Michael's new single "A Straight Line": Triple M radio has a 30 second RealAudio snippet (click on "The Rock" to access the file), while V2 Records has a longer 45 second clip available at their new Michael Hutchence site.

A press release touting the successful internet launch of "A Straight Line" to Australian radio stations has been issued by ChaosMusic and V2 Records. (thanks to kerry bergh)

Triple M in Sydney counted down the Top 105 rock artists of all-time last weekend, with INXS finishing at a very impressive #9. Congratulations! (thanks to daren price)

September 12, 1999:

Get ready for "A Straight Line"! The long-awaited first single and video from Michael Hutchence's solo record hits radio stations in Australia this Monday, September 13. In addition, the song will also premiere on the Simon Mayo show on UK Radio 1 between 10-12 noon on Monday. The single will be available commercially on September 27, and also features the song "Standing On A Rooftop." According to a V2 Records press release: "For anyone expecting a sombre track from a posthumous artist, prepare to be blown away with "A Straight Line." The single has the feel of a classic Motown R&B hit such as Martha and the Vandella's "Dancing in the Street," with a wicked rock groove. Produced by Hutchence, Andy Gill, and Danny Saber, and with backing vocals by Denise Johnston (Primal Scream) and Bernard Fowler (backing vocalist for The Rolling Stones), "A Straight Line" is a classic track by which people will remember the musical genius of a truly talented Australian music legend." For more information, please visit the official kick-off site for the new album - (link down).

There are 15 tracks included on the album. For the track listing, check out this V2 Records Press Release.

One of the tracks on the new album is "Slide Away," a duet between Hutchence and long time friend Bono. After Hutchence's death in November 1997, Bono was asked to write another verse to complete the song. The haunting words capture the depth of their friendship and Bono's grief after the singer died. "But you tore a hole in space/Like a dark star, falls from grace/You burn across the sky/And I would find you wings to fly/And I would catch you/I would catch your fall," Bono sings. Fellow producer Danny Saber, who has worked with David Bowie, U2, and the Rolling Stones, said Hutchence's presence was sorely missed as they completed the album. Hutchence had recorded his last vocals in London three days before he died in Sydney. "It is not unusual to work on stuff without the artist being there but the one guy you would want to have been there was him," Saber said. "He was so much fun to be around." (thanks to gail warren)

September 6, 1999:

KROQ radio in Los Angeles counted down the 500 biggest songs of the 90s according to listeners over the Labor Day weekend. "Not Enough Time" made the cut at #356...

September 2, 1999:

From the current Woman's Day:
"INXS never seem far from the headlines. Now I can reveal that the boys are considering a new adult-caroon series about the band. An American company proposed the idea of band members voicing their own characters, with an actor speaking for the late Michael Hutchence. But the band has requested more details from the potential producers of the cartoon before they agree to the concept." (thanks to mark morris)

WHFS 99.1 FM (Washington DC) is having a contest to determine the top 99 CDs of the 1990s. Three choices can be submitted -- one vote per email address will be accepted. Cast your vote for your favorite INXS' 90's offerings: X, Live Baby Live, Welcome to Wherever You Are, Greatest Hits, and Elegantly Wasted. Votes can be submitted at WHFS' website or via email to with the subject heading "Top99." The Top 99 will be counted down over the upcoming Labor Day Weekend. (thanks to mistress kelly)

September 1, 1999:

Australia's finest played their first gig as "INXS" exactly twenty years ago today, at the Oceanview Hotel in Toukley, Australia. Congratulations on the milestone achievement!

The cover to the forthcoming Michael Hutchence features a black and white photograph of Michael by noted celebrity photography Herb Ritts. A limited-edition, silver-embossed version of the album will be available in Australia for its initial 70,000 copy printing, and the first single will be released on September 27. The release dates for the album are October 11 (Australia), October 18 (UK), and October 26 (US).

Rolling Stone Online reports that the family of Michael Hutchence and the remaining members of INXS are "work[ing] on a TV documentary, tentatively titled The Journey, that will use home videos, previously unreleased footage and interviews to detail the group's two-decade reign. [INXS lawyer Bill] Leibowitz says the documentary is being financed by an Australian film company that will look to distribute it worldwide some time next year, possibly on cable TV or in art-house theaters in the U.S. Additionally, the release of a coffee-table book of rare and private photos of the band and a final INXS album featuring Hutchence will be timed to coincide with the release of the documentary. Thus far, distribution deals have not been secured for either the book or album."

The results of the millenium poll have finally been released! Never Tear Us Apart is the deserved runaway winner, amassing nearly 2000 points in its run to the top. Click here to check out the Top Ten Favorite INXS Songs Of All-Time!

Bono has written a song in memory of Michael Hutchence which will be included on U2's next album, currently in the remix phase in Dublin. The album is expected early next year. Bono and Hutchence became pals in the late 80s when the pair bought neighbouring villas in the South of France. Bono was reportedly devastated when he got the news of Hutchence's suicide.

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