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October 1999

October 31, 1999:

Michael Hutchence has fallen to #30 on this week's ARIA Album Chart in Australia.

Unfortunately, it appears the rumoured New Year's Eve gig has been cancelled. Apparently, Glen Wheatley and John Farnham are unhappy that the new Victorian Labor Government is unwilling to contribute to the cost of staging the concert. (thanks to rick rutjens)

Jon Farriss appeared on stage with Richard Clapton last Thursday to perform during "I Am An Island." Jon first played drums on the song in 1982 when it was originally recorded for Clapton's The Great Escape album. (thanks to maria)

October 27, 1999:

E! Press Release: "Rocked to Death: Michael Hutchence -- The E! True Hollywood Story": This one-hour episode of "The E! True Hollywood Story" explores the how and why behind the strange death of INXS singer Michael Hutchence. With the swagger of Jagger, and the passion of Morrison, pop idol Michael Hutchence was the voice and soul of '80s rock 'n' roll. But one fateful night in a Sydney hotel, Hutchence was found hanging by the neck with a belt -- coroners confirmed the initial reports and a legion of fans went into mourning. The program traces Hutchence's career from his early days as a budding rock star to his meteoric rise to rock icon, and his tangled romantic life. The episode offers rare behind the scenes footage of Hutchence and includes one of his final interviews. Premieres Sunday, December 5 at 9:00 PM ET/PT. (1 hr.) (thanks to karen gerard)

"A Straight Line," the first single from the recently released Michael Hutchence, has reached #32 on the Indonesian singles chart.

October 24, 1999:

Micheal's solo CD has tumbled on the ARIA Album Chart this week, falling to #14 from its #3 debut last week. In the UK, the album has debuted at #16 on the CIN Indie Albums Chart.

InMusic&Media reports that Chris Murphy has sold 2SM, the analogue part of MMA Communications, to concentrate on the fast developing digital side. After weeks of rumours 2SM was sold to Bill Caralis's Broadcast Operations Pty Ltd for an undisclosed amount (but rumoured to be between $8 million to $10 million). Digital One is a network of customised radio stations developed and tailored specifically for use on digital delivery systems. Murphy, former INXS manager and founder of rooArt Records, bought 2SM for $5 million four years ago and introduced changes as the 20/20 News and Financial reports using satellite technology from Bloomberg. (thanks to kerry bergh)

October 17, 1999:

Michael Hutchence has debuted at #3 on the ARIA Album Chart in Australia, and has been certified gold. Congratulations! For reviews of the album, please visit the articles section of this site.

"A Straight Line" has debuted at #20 on the CIN Indie Chart in the UK.

Billboard reports that MTV and Rhino will issue a 4-CD millennium series. The catch is, the discs will only contain songs that have been released since the cable channel's auspicious launch on August 1, 1981. Due November 2, "MTV: The First 1,000 Years" will feature hits from the R&B, hip-hop, new-wave, and rock worlds that have musically shaped the channel. INXS' "New Sensation" is featured on the "rock" CD. (thanks to john henderson)

October 14, 1999:

INXS guitarist Tim Farriss will be chatting live for 1 hour at 8pm AEST on OzEmail's Chat City next Thursday October 21st. To chat with Tim on Chat City click on:

Jon, Garry, and Andrew attended the ARIA Awards at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on October 12. Andrew, who delivered a touching speech when presenting Richard Clapton with his Hall of Fame induction award, said, "He [Clapton] is indisputably one of the most influential figures in Australian rock history... He stands among a very small group of songwriters who have created timeless classics, songs which explore and reflect on the realities of contemporary Australia, remaining fresh and relevant years after they were written."

InMusic&Media reports: A couple of INXS members team up with Billy Thorpe for a set to raise money for a children's charity called Youth Off The Streets. It takes place on November 7 at Wonderland, during Kids' Fun Day. INXS and friends (who could include Wendy Matthews, unconfirmed at press time) close the afternoon's festivities at about 3 pm.

Meantime, mystery still surrounds Michael Hutchence's missing millions. But one of his cars, a silver Ferrari Spider with red interior, is on sale in a Richmond car yard. Hutchence's self-titled solo album is released this week through V2 in Australia with advance sales that certified it platinum. V2 Australia's GM, Greg Johnson, says he expects the set to reach double platinum by Christmas. (thanks to kerry bergh)

October 11, 1999:

An important announcement from Kelland Hutchence:

It is with great pleasure and excitement we announce the official opening of our website on - - effective from 11.10pm on 11th October 1999 to coincide with the landmark release of Michael's Solo Album in Australia. This new site is a unique virtual memorial site initiated by Michael's father Kelland, designed and implemented by Mario Ferrari in Switzerland and Dennis Patterson in Sydney with contributions from Kelland, family, friends and fans.

We are grateful to INXS/Universal and V2 Records for giving us permission to use thirty seconds on each of a selection of tracks from INXS albums and from Michael's new V2 solo album. This new site is Michael's sacred site, dedicated to his memory and celebrating his life. It is a central location for all who love him and miss him to come together and pay homage to a gentle lovable spirit.

It is not a record company site, nor an INXS site nor a fan's web page.
Previously unpublished pictures of Michael plus stories about Michael from family and close friends can be found within the site.
We welcome you to visit our beloved Michael.

October 9, 1999:

Richard Clapton's 1978 hit "Down In The Country" has been selected for the opening ceremonies of the 2000 Summer Games in Sydney. Clapton has had a long association with INXS, and will be inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame on October 12 by Andrew Farriss. "That's very apt. Especially since I wrote a really good song with Andrew a few months ago." Clapton further commented on his continuing history with INXS: "It was 1980 when I first met them. What I'm pleased about is through the whole roller-coaster of that journey, my attraction to them really only had to do with their musicianship and their talent. I knew them when they couldn't even afford to buy their own lunch and I used to buy their lunch. I still think to this day the Australian public weren't aware of how enormous INXS were. In the last seven months, I've written two songs with Kirk and one with Andrew and the single out at the moment ["Calling For You"] is a co-write with Tim". The single was apparently inspired by Tim's cows and initially contained the line "evangelical ejaculation" in reference to one of Tim's bulls... The single appears on Clapton's recently released compilation The Definitive Anthology. (thanks to undercover and rick rutjens)

October 7, 1999:

Undercover reports: INXS' Tim Farris almost made the Manly Cricket Team on the weekend but dropped out to give another player a chance. Farris looked likely to be selected by his beloved Manly District Cricket Club to play against Sydney University after a few late withdrawals but will only play if he's a last resort. Team publicist Andrew Frazer told Undercover News that Tim will only play for the team if he feels he isn't robbing another player of a chance to compete. Andrew told Undercover that Tim will play at sometime in the season when they give him a desperate call for help one Friday afternoon. Farris trains with the team when recording commitments don't get in the way and usually plays as a #6 or #7 batter. As it turned out, after last weekends rain in Sydney, he wouldn't have played anyway. Manly bowled Sydney Uni out at 180 and then batted 1 for 15 but the match was cancelled due to rain on Monday. In INXS news, with the release of the Michael Hutchence solo album this week also comes the news that a remix of INXS 1982 hit "Don't Change" is due to be recycled. reports that "Don't Change" will be featured on the upcoming soundtrack to the Aussie movie Sample People. The soundtrack album is due for release early 2000. Paul Mac and Andy Rantzan aka Magic-Number have remixed the song with INXS member Andrew Farris acting as Executive Producer.

Tom Jones' latest album, Reload, a series of duet/covers originally reported in June has debuted at #1 on the UK album charts, stunning long-time UK chart pundits. The album features a cover of INXS' "Never Tear Us Apart" performed with Natalie Imbruglia. (thanks to craig looney)

InMusic&Media reports: Richard Clapton's autobiography is almost complete but he reveals that he is still searching for the right publisher. Two or three he's approached have asked for more "sleazy" material on Michael Hutchence. Clapton produced the first INXS album and has remained close friends with them. He will be inducted in the ARIA Hall of Fame on October 12 at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, with Andrew Farriss presenting the award. (thanks to kerry bergh)

Much Music USA will present "INXS -- The Reunion" on Sunday October 10th at 4:00pm, 8:00pm, and 2:00am local time. A documentary created by Peter Clifton and INXS, "The Reunion" showcases INXS' recent Stadium Australia gig with Terence Trent D'Arby. The band performs "New Sensation," "Kick," "Never Tear Us Apart," and "What You Need". Also included is a short documentary chronicling the rehearsals and other events surrounding the concert. At 5:00pm, 9:00pm, and 3:00am local time, the station will air INXS' landmark 1991 "Live Baby Live" concert. "The Reunion" is also scheduled to air on television around the world; please check local listings for date and time. (thanks to luvnpce99)

According to InMusic&Media, Hutchence's forthcoming album has already been certified platinum (>70,000 copies) in Australia based on pre-orders alone. Congratulations!

October 3, 1999:

Michael Hutchence's "A Straight Line" has debuted at #44 on the ARIA Singles Chart in Australia. The single, released on V2/Sony, is backed by "Standing On The Rooftop" and a cover of Iggy Pop's "The Passenger."

Triple M radio in Australia has recently completed counting down the Top 1000 Songs of All-Time according to listeners. INXS finished with an extremely impressive 29 tracks! Here's the run-down: Disappear (998), The Swing (979), Mystify (953), New Sensation (929), By My Side (912), Suicide Blonde (888), To Look At You (860), This Time (825), Need You Tonight (804), Black And White (782), Shining Star (766), Stay Young (743), Taste It (716), Just Keep Walking (670), Shine Like It Does (600), What You Need (546), The One Thing (509), The Loved One (432), Dancing On The Jetty (398), Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain) (334), Devil Inside (293), Don't Change (268), Kick (205), I Send A Message (172), Original Sin (151), Good Times (95), Listen Like Thieves (74), Never Tear Us Apart (56), and finally, Burn For You (22). Finishing in the top three positions were AC/DC ("You Shook Me All Night Long"), Guns 'n Roses ("November Rain"), and Pink Floyd ("Another Brick In The Wall"). (thanks to leanne howatson)

October 1, 1999:

V2 Records has officially launched their official Michael Hutchence website at It's a fantastic tribute to Australia's greatest entertainer, and well worth a visit. Included are rare photos, news, audio/video clips from the new album, and much more.

V2 will also release "Let The People Talk", a Michael Hutchence song not included on the forthcoming album, over the internet. "Let The People Talk", as with all tracks featured on the album, provides an insightful look into Michael's life. The track is about Michael's relationship with the media. It will be available as a download and a stream in the MP3 and MS Audio formats for a period of 10 days from Oct 18.

Triple M (Australia) is airing a one hour radio special on Michael Hutchence's self-titled new album on Sunday (3rd Oct) The special is at 5pm Australian time, and features nine tracks from the album including "Slide Away" featuring Bono. Host Lee Simon also speaks with album producers Andy Gill and Danny Saber and Hutchence's father, Kell. (thanks to peter driver)

Want to purchase the Australian release of Michael Hutchence? Here's three options:
1) Pre-order the import CD from
2) Contact Kylie at -- she's an INXS fan for many years who now runs a CD store in Australia.
3) Pre-order from the always reputable Greg's Music World located at

Michael's earlier side project Max Q has been digitally remastered and will be re-released in Australia in late November, according to V2 Records. Included on the disc will be multimedia videos and all-new artwork. No word yet on whether the album will also be re-released outside Australia.

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