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December 1999

December 29, 1999:

Happy Holidays from An Excess of INXS! The oldest and very popular INXS internet site will continue to grow in the year 2000 - stay tuned for details! is reporting that V2 Records Australia is to disband, with an announcement expected shortly. The label is currently attempting to sign its artists to other companies. How this will impact Michael's solo album is unclear at the moment, though future single releases look doubtful.

Five INXS programs will air on VH-1 (UK) on January 22, 2000: Egos and Icons, VH-1 To One (interview), Greatest Hits of INXS, INXS Uncut (five song session featuring "Elegantly Wasted," "Just A Man," "Girl on Fire," "Suicide Blonde" and "What You Need"), and Live Baby Live (one hour edit). In addition, INXS finished #76 on VH-1 (UK)'s millenium 100 countdown. Congratuations! (thanks to richard davis and alaina henderson)

Triple J radio (Australia) aired a rare INXS concert from August 12, 1982 at the Carringbar Inn on December 20 as part of their "Live At The Wireless" series. Included in the 45 minute set were such early classics as "To Look At You" and "Night Of Rebellion."

Channel V (Australia) is hosting a Michael Hutchence contest on its website at They are giving away 10 copies of the limited-edition release of Michael's solo album and 10 copies of a promo video featuring "Slide Away." To qualify, you must be a subscriber to Foxtel or Austar in Australia. Check out their site for more details. (thanks to damian sherlock)

December 11, 1999:

In a recent interview with 95.8 Capital FM in the UK, George Michael mentioned Michael Hutchence in one of his anecdotes:

What do you think of Robbie Williams. Do you know him?

George: Oh yeah. I spoke to him the other night actually. I've known him for a long time and I actually got to know him really well, from the day after he got chucked out of Take That, 'cos he came down to the South of France with Michael Hutchence and a few other people. He wasn't visiting me as such, he just turned up at the beach.

This kind of superstar yacht arrived and I was eating on the beach. Paula Yates and Michael Hutchence, Simon Le Bon and Yasmin and Robbie came on to the beach, and suddenly it was like Top Of The Pops at lunch - and that's when I first got to know him. He's a great guy. I really like him and from talking to him the other day, I think he's experiencing that kind of loneliness that you only feel when everything is going absolutely brilliantly. You feel very alone. I think he's going through exactly the same kind of thing I went through when I split from Andrew. It's fun when you're on tour and there's lots of people around you, but when it's actually all down to you, it's really, really a different kettle of fish. (thanks to zvakanaka)

December 6, 1999:

Undercover reports: Reacting to a story from Nov 22, Tina Hutchence has told Undercover News that although Michael's ashes have been scattered in numerous places, including recently in the Himalayas, Michael had never made it known that he even wished to be cremated. "Michael left no directions at all written or otherwise" Tina told Undercover. "This is the root of the problem with the executors and the decisions they made immediately after his death. Michael's financial advisor Colin Diamond illegally signed a document to have Michael cremated. He has never, ever been able to produce any evidence that Michael wanted to be cremated."

It looks like the next INXS member to release a solo album will be Jon Farriss. Jon told a recent online audience "I'm just putting together my collection of material without any particular style and then I'll review what I have. I have a large number of songs, so I'll see if my voice suits each song. I may have some guest singers."

December 5, 1999:

Vote for Michael Hutchence's "A Straight Line" as your favorite song of 1999 in Triple J's Hottest 100 Poll at Entries will be accepted until January 7, 2000.

December 4, 1999:

View a short documentary on the making of Michael's solo album with Michael, Andy Gill and Danny Saber at the Official Michael Hutchence Memorial Site.

The written comments on the 21st best all-time music video according to TV Guide/MTV: "INXS's stardom after eight years of recording and touring came partly on the strength of this video ("Need You Tonight/Mediate"), a kind of mobile collage. The Australian rock band, led by singer Michael Hutchence, is shown to good advantage - dressed up or dressed down, looking both rugged and pretty. Lowenstein has the good sense to return often to shots of Hutchence (who died in 1997), bare-chested and sexy in a black leather jacket. In "Mediate," a brief, recitative postscript, Lowenstein re-creates scenes from the classic Bob Dylan documentary "Don't Look Back," showing INXS holding placards with printed lyrics. With this video, INXS spelled success." (thanks to kristin echterling)

December 1, 1999:

MTV and TV Guide have teamed up to present the Top 100 Music Videos of All-Time. INXS' award-winning 1987 clip "Need You Tonight/Mediate," directed by Richard Lowenstein, was selected for inclusion at #21! Congratulations! The 100 videos will be showcased during a weeklong countdown special ("100 Greatest Videos Ever Made") kicking off December 6 on MTV. Finishing at #1 on the countdown is Michael Jackson's seminal classic "Thriller."

Vote for INXS' "Need You Tonight/Mediate" in TV Guide's Greatest Music Video Poll at!

InMusic&Media reports: Jimmy Barnes will head the cast of the musical "Godspell", which hits the road in March. The star studded cast of the $16 million production includes Terence Trent D'Arby, Debra Byrne, Angry Anderson, Fiona Horne, Marie Wilson, Belinda Emmett, David Dixon and Wendy Matthews. Promoter is Graham Hutchinson. Matthews is recording a new version of "Day By Day" produced by INXS' Andrew Farriss and the show's music director Larry Muhoberac. (thanks to kerry bergh)

After peaking at #2, "A Straight Line" slides down to #12 this week on the Indonesian singles chart. In Japan, the song is now #58, down from #30 last week.

E! Press Release: "Rocked to Death: Michael Hutchence -- The E! True Hollywood Story": This one-hour episode of "The E! True Hollywood Story" explores the how and why behind the strange death of INXS singer Michael Hutchence. With the swagger of Jagger, and the passion of Morrison, pop idol Michael Hutchence was the voice and soul of '80s rock 'n' roll. But one fateful night in a Sydney hotel, Hutchence was found hanging by the neck with a belt -- coroners confirmed the initial reports and a legion of fans went into mourning. The program traces Hutchence's career from his early days as a budding rock star to his meteoric rise to rock icon, and his tangled romantic life. The episode offers rare behind the scenes footage of Hutchence and includes one of his final interviews. Premieres Sunday, December 5 in the US at 9:00 PM ET/PT. (1 hr.) (thanks to karen gerard)

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