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January 2000

January 27, 2000:

Sydney club The Basement has put together an hour-long audio/video package for broadcast on Australia Day. It featured a collection of live performances from the Basement studio by James Reyne, Kate Ceberano, Mark Lizotte, Skunkhour, Tim Freedman, Iva Davies and Mental As Anything as well as INXS's set with guest singer Terence Trent D'Arby at last year's opening of Stadium Australia. The hour show was broadcasted at 9 am, noon and 3 pm. (Thanks to Kerry Bergh).

David Bowie broke fresh ground when he took to the Internet to give fans a first bite at his new album. A posthumous single by Australian singer Michael Hutchence was released to radio stations through the Internet. For the full story, go to: Pop Stars Take to Net in Record Industry Revolution

January 22, 2000:

A very happy birthday to INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence, who would have turned 40 today.

Check the complete listing at The Michael Hutchence Memorial Website for gatherings and parties happening around the globe.

January 17, 2000:

Rhett Hutchence has left the hospital and is receiving on-going treatment as an out-patient. He is very appreciative of everyone's messages of support; the response was so over-whelming that his mailbox overloaded! (thanks to

January 14, 2000:

Producer/Guitarist Danny Saber has teamed up with Meat Beat Manifesto founder Jack Dangers and 25-year-old Los Angeles vocalist Cope Till to create a new group "Spontaneous Human Combustion." The band is described as a cross between Nine Inch Nails and Massive Attack. Danny Saber is best known to INXS fans for his work in producing Michael Hutchence's posthumous solo release. Check out their official website for more information and a free MP3 download of their first single "All For Nothin":

Real Audio clips from Michael's album are currently available at ARTIST Direct Network's "Advance Listening Station." The eagerly anticipated CD will be released in the United States on February 22 through V2 Records.

January 13, 2000:

Michael's brother Rhett Hutchence is recuperating in a Queensland, Australia hospital following a serious motorcycle crash in Thailand two weeks ago. Please email if you would like to send a personal message to Rhett in this difficult time. Well-wishers can also send mail to Rhett directly: Ward 7B, the Gold Coast Hospital, Southport, Queensland AUSTRALIA. Let's do our best to cheer him up!

BMG Seattle is having a Michael Hutchence prize package giveaway in anticipation of the album's US release on February 22. Email and leave your name, mailing address, and which contest you're entering!

January 11, 2000:

VH-1's well-received "Behind The Music: Michael Hutchence" continues to air in repeats for the next month. You can catch the one hour program on January 11 at 9pm and 11:30pm, January 15 at 8am, January 24 at 12pm, and February 5 at 9pm. All times are EST.

Michael's solo album has finished at #60 on the year-end Australian ARIA Album chart. Congratulations!

INXS appeared in many millenium countdowns on radio and television stations around the world. Here's the exclusive rundown of chart positions:

  • Channel 7 (Australia) "Australia's Ultimate Songs" -- New Sensation (3)
  • The Edge 107.7 (Seattle) "The Top 1077 End Songs Of The Millenium" -- Never Tear Us Apart (298), Need You Tonight (416), Don't Change (527), New Sensation (679), Beautiful Girl (691), Devil Inside (825), Original Sin (971), Suicide Blonde (1025), What You Need (1070)
  • Arrow Classic Rock (Netherlands) "Top 500 Rock Songs" -- Never Tear Us Apart (225), Original Sin (435)
  • Q101 (Chicago) "The Top 1011 Songs Of All-Time" -- Never Tear Us Apart (119), New Sensation (170), Kiss The Dirt (557), Original Sin (659), Beautiful Girl (728), Not Enough Time (749), What You Need (873), I Send A Message (977)
  • The Music Factory TV Show (Netherlands) "Millenium Top 1000" -- Need You Tonight (215), Never Tear Us Apart (679)
  • MTV Asia "Top 2000 Videos Of All-Time" -- Need You Tonight (62), The Gift (193), Devil Inside (646), New Sensation (890), Never Tear Us Apart (1097), Suicide Blonde (1331), Disappear (1674), Elegantly Wasted (1800)
  • Much Music (Canada) "Century Countdown" -- Need You Tonight (72)
  • Virgin Radio (UK) "Top 500 Songs Of The Millenium" -- Mystify (50), Need You Tonight (183), Never Tear Us Apart (306), New Sensation (425)

America Online (AOL) has announced the appointment of music industry veteran Evan Hosie as Programming Director of Music. Hosie, who will be based at AOL's Culver City, California, offices will serve as strategic and operational leader for AOL's extensive music content. Before becoming a pioneer of music content on the Internet, Hosie worked as an artist manager, publicist and journalist. As president of BATS (Bands Across The Sea), she represented Men At Work and helped negotiate deals with Capitol/EMI, MCA and other labels. President of Thank Evan Public Relations, she represented such superstars as Ted Nugent and INXS.

January 1, 2000:

Happy New Year from An Excess of INXS! The oldest and most popular INXS internet site will continue to grow in the year 2000 -- stay tuned for details!

VH-1's "Behind The Music: Michael Hutchence" premieres January 9 at 11am, 9pm, and 11pm EST (GMT-0500) (USA). The following is the press release for this program:

"Michael Hutchence became an international rock and roll superstar in the 1980s, fronting the Australian pop band, INXS. And though his celebrity never faded, his impact on the pop music charts certainly did. In the '90s, Hutchence turned into a target for the tabloid press, who were much more interested in who he was dating, than what kind of music he was recording. A freak accident in '92 robbed Hutchence of his senses of taste and smell and initiated a depression that continued for years. In the mid '90s, Hutchence had an affair with Paula Yates, the wife of Sir Bob Geldof, which would result in the birth of his daughter, Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily. However, the public scandal surrounding his affair with Yates, and Yates' divorce/custody battles with Geldof (over their 3 children) were too much for him to bear, and Hutchence's depression worsened. In November of '97, Hutchence and INXS returned to Australia for the last leg of their 20th Anniversary tour. He was found dead on November 22nd, in his Sydney hotel room. Interviews include: Hutchence's father, Kell; his brother, Rhett; his mother, Patricia Glassop; his sister, Tina; Hutchence's good friends Greg Perano and Nick Conroy, as well as U2 frontman, Bono, who knew Hutchence for years and sang on his solo album (on one track called, "Slide Away"), due out in February 2000. Plus, Martha Troup, one of INXS' longtime managers, and David Fricke, a senior editor at Rolling Stone Magazine."

The annual gatherings to celebrate Michael Hutchence's birthday on January 22 are currently being organized worldwide. For information on parties happening around the globe, check Michael's memorial website.

Five INXS programs will air on VH-1 (UK) on January 22, 2000: Egos and Icons, VH-1 To One (interview), Greatest Hits of INXS, INXS Uncut (five song session featuring "Elegantly Wasted," "Just A Man," "Girl on Fire," "Suicide Blonde" and "What You Need"), and Live Baby Live (one hour edit). In addition, INXS finished #76 on VH-1 (UK)'s millenium 100 countdown. Congratulations! (thanks to richard davis and russell henderson)

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