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March 2000

March 28, 2000:

InMusic&Media reports that former INXS manager Chris Murphy's online radio station Digital One has launched its sixth station, Radio Havana, with a compilation CD of Cuban music out soon. Murphy is currently in the US where at least four radio networks, intrigued by the way Digital One has successfully set up its branding, are talking to him about Digital One supplying them with content. Launched last September, Digital One has tied up alliances with the Seven Network's online unit i7, Telstra, Sony and HMV. The station's first CD, "Radio Groove" from its groove channel, reached No. 16 on the national dance charts. (thanks to kerry bergh)

March 27, 2000:

Happy birthday to Andrew Farriss, who turns 41 today!

INXS will begin two weeks of rehearsals for the "Tim Rice Musical Spectacular" today at a Sydney Theatre, according to "INXS Australian Correspondent" Matthew Marsland. The current INXS setlist for the tour will be as follows: Everything's Alright (Jesus Christ Superstar), My Strongest Suit (AIDA), Heaven On Their Minds (Jesus Christ Superstar), One Night in Bangkok (Chess), Someday Out of the Blue (Elton John & Tim Rice composition), I Don't Know How to Love Him (Jesus Christ Superstar), Superstar (Jesus Christ Superstar), and Jesus Christ Superstar Overture. This setlist is subject to change.

March 25, 2000:

Michael album had sales this week of 2,382, down 26.7% from last week. Release to date sales now stand at 18,462. (thanks to jackie)

For those of you who haven't yet heard INXS' early live renditions of "Doctor" and "Wake Up," the two tracks will now be available from the official site.

March 21, 2000:

Kurt Cobain, the late lead singer of Nirvana, famed for his heroin abuse, gravely voice and 1994 suicide, has topped a chart composed by Britain's Melody Maker magazine of rock 'n' roll hellraisers. The magazine's editor Mark Sutherland, reviewing the list of the bad boys and girls of an industry renowned for excess, said: "Their antics read like a litany of sexual deviance, drug-fuelled escapades, self-abuse and mutilation." Cobain tops the poll ahead of Shaun Ryder of Happy Mondays fame and the late Keith Moon of The Who. Cobain's wife, Courtney Love, upholds the family honor by taking the No. 8 slot. The poll certainly highlights what a grim toll living life in the fast lane can take on its stars. Apart from Keith Moon and Kurt Cobain, the list also includes the late Australian singer Michael Hutchence in 11th position followed next by the late Jim Morrison of the Doors. (Reuters)

March 17, 2000:

Michael Hutchence sold another 3,248 copies this past week, bringing its three week total to 16,080. Top markets for sales were Chicago, New York, and LA. (thanks to jackie)

March 16, 2000:

INXS has agreed to make two unheard live tracks available to visitors of Windows Media. Fans of the band will be able to download the track "Doctor" recorded 20 years ago almost to the date, as well as listen to a streaming of the very rare early INXS song "Wake Up." The site will launch on Friday March 17 (Saturday March 18 AEST), and will stay up for one week.

To listen go to Windows Media. After Saturday March 25, the songs, as well as snapshots form the actual show 20 years ago, will be available at ChaosMusic ( and the official INXS website (

March 15, 2000:

The opening night for the "Tim Rice Musical Spectacular" featuring INXS has been changed from April 25 to April 27. The kick-off show will take place in Brisbane, Australia. Please visit the Brisbane Entertainment Centre webpage for more information. (thanks to mario)

CD101 in Columbus, OH recently counted down the Top 1000 Requested Songs in the station's history. INXS was well-represented in the countdown with an amazing 23 songs! Here is the list of INXS songs songs that placed in the survey: Taste It (1791), Good Times (1697), Elegantly Wasted (1650), The Gift (1613), I Send A Message (1567), Disappear (1494), What You Need (1314), Devil Inside (1258), New Sensation (1090), Guns In The Sky (1004), Need You Tonight/Mediate (939), Beautiful Girl (892), Kick (768), Bitter Tears (718), Not Enough Time (674), Mystify (639), Don't Change (607), Listen Like Thieves (570), Suicide Blonde (537), Original Sin (530), Never Tear Us Apart (521), The One Thing (361), and This Time (311). Click here to view the full 2000 songs. (thanks to jeffrey blasinski)

March 14, 2000:

Elegantly Wasted producer, Bruce Fairbairn, who passed away last year at the age of 49, has been elected into the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame at this year's Juno Awards. The Juno Awards are the Canadian equivalent of the US Grammy Awards. (thanks to jay rawding)

March 9, 2000:

Michael Hutchence sold 5,470 copies this week, bringing its two week US sales to 12,832. The top US market for sales was Chicago, with 1,233 units sold. (thanks to jackie)

March 8, 2000:

Michael Hutchence's Electronic Press Kit (EPK) featuring the video for "A Straight Line" is now available at Rolling Stone. You will need Windows Media or Real Player to watch the video.

Wall Of Sound has chosen Michael Hutchence as its "Featured Artist" of the day. A new biography appears on the site in conjunction with this wonderful honor. (thanks to nanci lamb roider)

March 5, 2000:

The band "El Duelo" will be performing INXS songs at The Bauencito Hotel on April 8, 2000 at 1:30 am. The address is Callao 360 Cap. Fed. (Oliverio Always), Argentina. The Argentinian band will also perform songs from their first live CD. The entrance to the tribute concert is free until 1:15 am. Click to view the promotional concert poster.

Entertainment Weekly has printed a review of Michael's unreleased track "Let The People Talk" in its current issue. If you'd like to write a letter to the editor, please email All correspondence must include your name, address, and daytime telephone number. Here's the review:
"You haven't heard bass this comically oversynthesized since Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis got busy to the strains of Berlin's "Take My Breath Away" in Top Gun. But "Let The People Talk" (available at, a previously unreleased solo track from late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence, is in no danger of being mistaken for a make-out song. Instead, Hutchence rages against the (drum) machine, urging a companion to ignore those who would "put a ring through your nose / As they lead you to slaughter." "Ain't nobody but yourself again!" cries Hutchence, sporting strong (if digitally massaged) vocals but only a smidgeon of the vaguely dangerous sex appeal that packed arenas in the late '80s. Cheesy F/X and background singers only reinforce the suspicion that you're listening to the world's grittiest Backstreet Boys song." Grade: B- (Review by Scott Brown)

March 1, 2000:

Exclusive SoundScan Figures: Michael Hutchence has sold 7,316 copies in its first week, debuting at #200 on the Billboard Album Chart. Though unspectacular thus far in sales, the album has been available outside the US since last October, with most INXS fans having purchased an import copy months ago.

Reviews of the album are being posted at INXS Articles as they become available. If you find a review not included in the inxsweb archive, please consider transcribing it for the site. Submissions can be emailed to

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