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November 2000

November 17, 2000:

INXS in Europe?
According to Sonicnet, the upcoming INXS documentary will also be including footage of the reconfigured group, which features the original members with New Zealander Jon Stevens guesting on vocals. Stevens has performed several concerts with the band, including the closing ceremonies for the Olympic Games in Sydney in September and two rehearsal shows for a scheduled — and subsequently cancelled — tour of New Zealand. Other INXS dates have been scheduled with Stevens, including a New Year's Eve appearance in Adelaide, Australia, in conjunction with a Le Mans car race. McConnell, Senior VP of Columbia TriStar Productions Australia, said that European dates in June and July are also on the group's itinerary.

November 15, 2000:

INXS Movie reports that Columbia TriStar Productions will produce a docufilm about the life and times of one of Australia's greatest rock bands ever - INXS. With a working title of "Don't Change", the project is currently in development. Comments Fran McConnell, Senior Vice President of Columbia TriStar Productions Australia: "We're very excited about this unique project with INXS. We have optioned over fifty hours of previously unseen home video and out-take footage, all shot by the band, that follows them over a fifteen year period. It's a fascinating journey of boys to men on a world stage."
Coyote Ugly Nomination
The soundtrack to the hit summer film Coyote Ugly has been nominated for best soundtrack at the upcoming American Music Awards in January. INXS' classic "Need You Tonight" appears on the soundtrack and prominently in the movie. (thanks to michelle mcferran) 
And finally, In Music & Media reports that a party of twenty which arrived at Sydney's Hemisphere club was settling in to a lounge when a staff member yelped "You can't sit there, that's for VIPs", meaning Sting and his party who were coming. If the staffer had looked closer, she'd have spotted INXS drummer Jon Farriss in the group. Whoops! :)

November 13, 2000

Tribute to Michael Hutchence
After the huge success of the first Tribute to Michael Hutchence on November 1999, Marcos and Alfredo, former presidents of the INXS Fan Club in Argentina called "All Are Diferent, All are great", are back to pay homage to one of the greatest rock stars in the world. 
On November 22, 2000 at 10 pm the radio station "Recuerdos FM - 88.5", will broadcast a 3 hour Tribute to Michael and INXS, with all their music for your heart can feel, your head can think and your feet can move. 
This Tribute will feature Michael's solo songs, his life, his achievements and the best INXS songs. 
There will be also great INXS contests and interviews with importants artists and performers from Argentina. (thanks to Tatiana Piaggio)

November 4, 2000

Official Message from
On the third anniversary of the sad passing of Michael Hutchence, family, friends and fans will assemble at Michael's memorial to pay homage to one of the greatest international rock musicians of our time. This year will sadly be a time of remembering Paula, Michael's Love and Tiger's treasured Mum. 
You are warmly invited to join us around Michael's stone at 3:00 pm on Saturday 25th November. Located in the Memorial Gardens of the Northern Suburbs Crematorium, Delhi Rd North Ryde, the site is becoming a place of pilgrimage as an increasing number of fans from around the world come to visit. 
Michael's lasting legacy is about to become the subject of a new documentary scheduled for release next year. A BBC Digital Television crew fly into Sydney this month to coincide with the anniversary. They are filming the final segment of a documentary on Rock Shrines and wish to interview fans at the 25th November gathering around Michael's stone. The documentary has the support of Michael's Dad who feels if they are going to make a documentary, this is the one to cooperate with. With filming completed by the BBC on John Lennon, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix, Michael's anniversary will give opportunity for the world to see the huge impact he and his music has had on people from vastly different backgrounds.

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