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July 2001


Tim Farriss Speaking
INXS' lead guitarist will speak at the upcoming 5th National Entertainment Industry Conference, to be held in Sydney August 2-4, sponsored by Apple Computer Australia. Visit the conference website for details.


Never Tear Us Apart
The classic INXS ballad "Never Tear Us Apart" has been given a new lease on life in two new interpretations.
Tall Paul, a renowned UK DJ, releases "Tall Paul vs INXS - Precious Heart" (featuring samples from "Never Tear Us Apart") on August 6 on the Decode label. The track has already been getting heavy club play for months under the pseudonym "Exchange." On his official website, Tall Paul writes, "My current single Tall Paul vs INXS 'Precious Heart' is now beginning to receive plenty of Radio attention with Judge Jules and Dave Pearce playing it regularly in their shows. The release date for the track is 6 August and includes mixes from two of Europe's biggest producers. The first mix comes courtesy of Marc O'Toole, who is a German based producer and DJ, and it was his remix of JBN 'All I Want' for Manifesto that first brought his name to my attention. The second mix is from Holland and is by 'Riva' who was also responsible for the track "Stringer." Anyone that has heard me play out recently will know this track as it has been the main stay of my set, and ffRR have picked it up just in time for Ibiza. The package is completed with an ambient mix from Larry Lush, who is Mr Duty Free as far as the studio is concerned, and as I have worked with him for a number of years it was the perfect way to complete the release."
A more straight-forward cover version has been released by Brett Schieber, a young American artist starting to make waves in the music industry. Interested listeners can check out Brett's songs at Those interested in obtaining the INXS cover should email him directly for information. The cover will also be included in a forthcoming RAINN (Tori Amos' Rape Abuse and Incest foundation) benefit CD on the Serious Vanity record label.


INXS Choose Stevens
Ritchie Yorke of The Sunday Mail reports that the surviving members of INXS, with vocalist Jon Stevens in tow, have finally decided to take the plunge and reform the band. Pop Pourri has exclusively discovered that the INXS comeback bid is set to proceed with tours of Europe and the US, probably later this year. The INXS lineup recently completed a successful 13-show regional tour of Queensland and NSW which served to reinforce the feeling they've been off the track for too long.
As well, the bonding between Stevens, the Farriss brothers, Kirk Pengilly and Garry Beers was extremely positive. The fact that Stevens's commitment to touring in the ill-fated "Hair" production was buried in late June due to the show's cancellation, will move the group's activities forward. "Jon (Stevens) just rang to say he's in if I'm in," said Beers. "It just feels right now. Before, I was the one with reservations. I wasn't sure. Everyone has commitments and stuff and family. We can't just blindly rush off and tour again. Maybe that's the reason we ended up one man down (with the death of singer Michael Hutchence). You've got to think about that," he soberly concluded. No decisions have been made regarding new material, but Beers says a spurt of songwriting had taken place during the recent tour. "Various people have written some songs, and a few with Jon. Making this decision could unblock everything."
Apparently a turning point was reached after the band played two AIDS charity gigs in Vienna, Austria, last month which Beers says "really went off." "Our European agent turned up at the gigs and said, 'What's the problem? When are you coming back?'" (thanks to benjamin webb)


MTV turns 20 years of age this August, and the television station will host an all-day party for itself on August 1st from New York's Hammerstein Ballroom. During the day, the channel has announced it will play important videos from its 20 years of existence, including INXS' ground-breaking 1987 clip "Need You Tonight."


INXS on TV, Radio
Highlights from Andrew and Kirk's recent US/Canada tour in support of Shine Like It Does: Anthology will soon air on radio and television. An interview taped in New York will be seen on VH-1's "Hit This" program. lists the scheduled times (EST) as follows: July 13 11.00, July 14 1.00, July 16 17.00, July 17 9.00, and July 18 1.00am. Also, starting July 16th, Virgin Radio will air the Los Angeles Rhino performance in their "Inside The Music" section of the site, on the "Modern Rock" and "In Rock We Trust" stations specifically.


Happy Birthday Kirk!
Birthday greetings to Kirk Pengilly, who turns 43 years old today. Congratulations!

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