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June 2002


INXS Tour Keeps Kickin'

INXS continue to wind their way through North American with dates this week in Milwaukee, Toronto, Ohio, and tonight, in New Hampshire. Here is some more fan reaction.

"I saw INXS in Chicago, and I have to say it was absolutely incredible to see them perform live again... Jon Stevens is the perfect choice for lead singer, and I cannot wait to hear some new INXS albums! The most exciting thing for me was getting to meet INXS... I brought the CD insert to Kick to have the band autograph the lyrics... Needless to say I'll be getting it framed! Thank you INXS for an unforgettable night!" (Charlie Kierscht)

"The concert [at the PNC Arts Center in New Jersey] was awesome. Once the concert started, my friend and I hopped down to the front row because Jon Stevens invited everyone down! It was a great night and well worth the four hours of time spent on the road. We had so much fun dancing around at the concert that we forgot where we parked the car. I also really liked the new songs, especially 'Hungry.'" (Ashlynne F) (ed note: Ashlynne's concert photographs will be on the site shortly.)

Also re: PNC show "As stated before this show was a non-stop high energy packed event! Wow Wow Wow, after reading all of the reviews prior to this show I still remained a bit skeptical thinking of seeing them for the first time in 19 years without Michael. The man will never be replaced but I have gained a tremendous respect for Jon Stevens. As for the band they never missed a beat and were as tight as ever; thank you guys for a terrific show and we will see you next week at Foxwoods! Anybody out there who has a chance to see this show -- do yourself a big favor and go!" (Bonnie & Joe)


Here's some more positive fan reaction from the US tour.

"Jon Stevens is the perfect fit. I cannot imagine a better choice could have been made. The video tribute to Michael was stunning and quite moving - we miss you so much, mate. The guys seem to be in fine form, happy and enjoying what they do best - so get out there and fill those venues!" (Rstreeting)

"I went to the Las Vegas, Agoura Hills, and Phoenix shows. The first show was really hard, a roller coaster ride for me emotionally. The next two were awesome! ... Let me just say what wonderful people they all are, what fantastic musicians, and I thank God for bringing them back to me! Five years was far too long -- so if you are in doubt, go see them!! You won't regret it! INXS always has been and always will be one of the greatest live bands around!!" (Cindy)

"...After seeing them in Vegas I am SO glad I went. What a concert! It was strange seeing Jon Stevens up there, but he did a great job. Our boys looked deliriously happy to be performing again. They all looked better than ever. The tribute to Michael was extremely emotional (lots of tears shed that night!) And the 2 new songs... Wow! I loved them. Way to go Andrew! So most certainly go if you have the chance. You won't be disappointed. It was absolutely incredible." (Amy Lynne)

"...The Chicago show was awesome! I decided at the last minute to make the trip down from Milwaukee with my daughter, and we were not disappointed. I think the smaller venue worked really well. We were about four "rows" from the stage. It was great to see them out there having such a good time. The comments about the new songs gives me a lot of hope for the future." (Donna)

Keep it coming folks!


INXS Tour Update
INXS has cancelled tonight's show in Omaha. The band's manager blames a sick concert promoter for the unfortunate cancellation.

The band's North American tour is now in its third week, and the reviews from fans and media have been excellent. Most die-hard INXS fans have rallied around special guest singer Jon Stevens, and feel he is doing a wonderful job on lead vocals.

Steve recently caught four shows on the west coast. He writes, "The first show was Anaheim. When the music started, we went right to the front of the stage. The show was incredible. After the show, we hung out in the lobby and were eventually let into the aftershow party. It was so nice to meet the band once again. The next show was Vegas -- once again another great show. I even bought Tim a drink that night. I [then] flew to the Augora Hills show, a venue I thought I would never see INXS perform; it was a dinner theater. Michael's sister Tina was there, and I told her that I enjoyed her book of what I have read. El Rey was the last day of my INXS tour. The show was possibly the best. After seeing the Michael tribute 3 previous times, it was still very touching tribute during 'Never Tear Us Apart.' All 4 shows were great and I got to meet the band all 4 nights."

Long-time INXS fan John Vink saw the band open their US tour in Sacramento, and has posted a series of photographs at

Steve Bringe wrote in from Albuquerque: "The show was great. The band really seemed to be enjoying themselves (particularly Kirk, who couldn't stop smiling the whole show), and Jon Stevens belted out the hits with such a fine mimicry of Michael that at times it was tough to tell it wasn't Hutchence. It's gotta be tough trying to stand in for Michael, so hats off to Mr. Stevens for his efforts.

The new tunes penned by Andrew garnered mixed reactions from the crowd, but I thought they held some promise and it'll be cool to see them record new material and move on finally. The show was mostly a greatest hits set consisting of tunes from Listen Like Thieves, Kick, and X, although there were a few early 80s songs (Don't Change and Original Sin) and a few off Full Moon and Welcome.

Some highlights from the gig: Kirk singing an acoustic version of Shine Like It Does, Jon inviting folks up on stage for the playing of Devil Inside (Andrew handed out percussion instruments to the audience members on stage), the backdrop slide shows (the one for Don't Change featured moonlanding images and lyrics, which was very cool), the tribute to Michael on Never Tear Us Apart (the lights went down on stage and b&w movies of Michael played on the screen behind the band - Jon disappeared into the shadow during this song to just sing)....well, there were a lot of cool highlights, but that's a good smattering for those yet to see them on the tour. Good gig tonight."


US Tour
INXS has kicked off their North American 2002 in grand style, with a series of dates on the US West Coast.
Long-time INXS fan John Vink wrote, "Just came back from the Sacramento show. It was fantastic! I hadn't heard Jon Stevens singing with the band before, but he was fabulous. The band themselves were in top form. They played 2 new songs - Sugar and Hungry, and they were awesome. They also had a tribute to Michael during Never Tear Us Apart. It was very moving and beautiful. I had tears running down. The crowd loved them. Be sure to see them if you can!"
Jen King wrote, "All I can say is that I'm totally thrilled to see INXS back touring again!! I went to their Anaheim show last night at The Grove, & I'm still reeling over it! It was THAT good!
The guys were just rockin' the house down. It was great to see the guys just enjoying themselves & having a great time along with all of their fans! I had the priviledge of sitting in the front row, & wow... Jon Stevens did an amazing job...what a stage presence! INXS is back in a BIG way & I'm so happy & elated! And what a touching moment when during "Never Tear Us Apart," a video of Michael was shown on the back screen. He looked so happy & carefree. It's something I'll never forget.
It was an amazing night with an even more amazing band =)"

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